Armenian soldier’s family has simple, decent home while living near dangerous border

Armenian family’s Fuller Center home makes living near dangerous border a little easier

Aygepar Village, ARMENIA — While much of the world’s attention is focused on the war in Ukraine, many Armenians have been dealing with on-again, off-again conflicts for much of their lives. One family that understands the dangers of war all too well is the Sadyan family. When Ashot’s role as a soldier took him to the border village of Aygepar, he and wife Christine went with their first-born son not knowing what their future might hold. But they fell in love with the village, bought a crumbling old house and with the help of the Fuller Center of Armenia turned it into a like-new home for their family that now includes four children.

“It may seem strange to many that the enemy territories are visible from our windows, but we want to live here, have children and grow up them,” Christine says. “This is our home,”

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