Armenian Assembly of America, summer interns, help build Fuller Center home

(Photo: Armenian Assembly of America Regional Director Arpi Vartanian with a couple of new young friends Saturday.)

Armenian Assembly of America Regional Director Arpi Vartanian, along with interns of the Assembly’s Summer Internship Program in Armenia, joined Fuller Center for Housing of Armenia on Sunday to help the Babayans from Geghard village of Kotayk region build a simple, decent home.

“Coming to Geghard Village, meeting the Babayans, and working with them and Fuller Center for Housing-Armenia was an opportunity I promise none of us will forget,” Vartanian said. “Knowing that we contributed to the building of this lovely family’s home, ensuring a warm home in the winter and a cool home in the summer, is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Hard work and teamwork truly create miracles. I’ve known Fuller Center for Housing – Armenia for many years and am always impressed with the incredible work they do throughout the Republic Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh,”

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Check out these photos from Saturday’s work day:

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