Fuller Center Armenia joins with VivaCell-MTS for 25-home project

The Fuller Center for Housing of Armenia has announced a joint project in Vazashen, Tavush Region, with VivaCell-MTS to help 25 low-income families in the bordering villages of Tavush and Armavir regions build and renovate their homes.

The project is designed to help stem emigration from the villages, which threatens the villages’ very existence. Ten families will be assisted in completing their half-built homes, while 15 will be assisted in the rnovation of their homes.

Already, 25 Armenian families enjoy the happiness of decent housing thanks to a partnership between VivaCell-MTS and The Fuller Center that goes back to 2007.

“Our people on the borders are our country’s life shield, and it is our duty to give them a helping hand for a better living,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian stated. “Every stone we build here, every roof we enhance is a strong armor for our country. Together with Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, we will help these people realize their dream — finish their homes and raise their children in safe and decent conditions.”

“The productivity of the partnership with VivaCell-MTS has been proved through the experience of many years, through the real difference made in the lives of many Armenian families,” Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan said. “This is a unique partnership based on corporate social responsibility towards the communities, the families who are living side by side with us in a community that we ourselves are a part of.

“Through the generous support of VivaCell-MTS, 25 families from bordering villages will have better housing conditions. Instead of thinking of emigrating from Armenia in search of better standards of living, they will remain in their homes and foster the security of the country borders.”


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