Fuller Center Armenia launches initiative to help 100 families through 2015 to mark 100 years since the Armenian Genocide began. Click here to support their efforts!

The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia began its partnership with the Fuller Center in 2008. Since that time, they have served more than 400 families in 11 communities, with numerous Global Builder teams travelling there to volunteer. Propose a trip now or learn more about joining a trip on our Global Builders page.

The group is continually expanding to new regions of Armenia. The recent blessing of the Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Church, His Holiness Karekin II, has greatly helped propel their efforts. Fuller Center Armenia also partners with many other agencies and companies.

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The UNECE reported that about five percent of Armenia’s families do not have permanent housing. Many live in metal shipping containers called "domics." Many other families began building a house they were not able to finish after a sudden economic downturn hit in the 1990s and often live in the basements of such houses. Other problems often seen include absestos, leaky roofs, overcrowding, lack of sanitation and lack of heating systems. Click here to see pictures of The Fuller Center’s work in Armenia.


These are all problems FCH Armenia helps to fix by building new homes, finishing half-built houses or completing repairs through the Greater Blessing program. The safe, simple, comfortable homes, are renovated or built with and for low-income families in Armenia. FCH Armenia offers partnering families long-term, interest-free loans. The monthly repayments flow into a "revolving fund" and are used to help more families, thereby providing the financial foundation for a sustainable community development effort. In general, FCH Armenia also works to advocate the right to decent shelter.

The Fuller Center of Armenia is always looking to help more people. Currently, they have offices in Yerevan and Vanadzor to facilitate the work being done in 33 communities. The choice of communities is based on need for housing as well as the willingness of the community to start a partnership.

Global Builders trips to Armenia are scheduled regularly. Please click here for more information. You may also send an e-mail to:

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