Another night in Mbandaka

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell called in today, once again from Mbandaka. Because the Congo River is low, the Fuller Center group bound for Bolomba can’t make its expected trip by boat to the village. So they waited Wednesday for a vehicle … a vehicle that was in for repairs. Now, the ride into the jungle is expected to take place in the morning.

"We’re just hanging out," David said. "It’s always like this. You wait and wait and then it’s mad dashes."

That the Congo River is too low above Mbandaka to travel by boat is unusual, however. After all, the Congo River at one point is the deepest river on Earth at 750 feet. I assume it’s not 750 feet deep between Mbandaka and Bolomba.

"But everybody’s in good spirits," David added. "They’re learning the virtues of patience."

David said the group dined last night with the president of the Disciples of Christ with two kinds of fish, "something like spinach", fried plantains and bread. "There are a lot of plantains here. Also, they make really good bread here. They learned it from the French."

The plan now calls for the group to head toward Bolomba first thing in the morning. Let’s hope that plan is realized. I don’t expect to have any contact with anyone from the group again until Friday. Of course, I didn’t expect to have any contact with them today, either. If I do hear from them again, I’ll be sure to pass along any news. The important thing is everyone is well and getting closer to Bolomba all the time. Hopefully.

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  • Mbote na bino ! Mbote lisusu !

    Served in Mbandaka with Millard in the 1970’s and also in Ntondo…Will be praying for the group going to Bolombo.
    The greens were probably called “mpondu” and are made from the leaves of the cassava plant and cooked in palm oil. Hope they get to taste “kwanga” while they are there. It is definitely and acquired taste but I’d love to taste it again.

    Blessings to you all.

    Dale Long


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