And on the seventh day… we rested. – By Chris Cosby

Today the group split up–some attending church with our hosts here in Destin, and others traveling to Santa Rosa Beach, a cute town we rode through on Saturday. Here at St. Andrews by the Sea, Father Rusty Goldsmith preached on the importance of money, or more specifically, not putting your faith in it. For further reference, read Luke, chapter 12.

Meanwhile, Ryan, Kelli, Becky and Allen went to A Simple Faith, where services were led by Ronnie McBrayer. It sounded like they had a great time there and were welcomed with open arms. McBrayer coincidentally wrote the forward to a new, never-before-published book by Millard Fuller about his years prior to starting Habitat for Humanity. It’s been dubbed Millard’s first and last book. You can see the cover via Facebook here.


After church, we reconvened and were joined by brother and sister Matthew and Colleen McKenna, who came from Baltimore to ride the rest of the way with us. Matthew just graduated from Duke in pre-med, and Colleen is in biochemical studies at Notre Dame, where she first learned of the ride. We also have been joined by Graham Houston, President of the Fuller Center of Greater Kansas City, who will also ride with us this final week. It’s great to have some fresh energy injected into our otherwise worn out crew.

For dinner, the whole team drove over to The Lucky Snapper at the boardwalk here in Destin. Not only a great view of the harbor and bay, but they were kind enough to give us all 25 percent off our dinner tabs, plus they threw in free appetizers! Thanks!

All in all, a much needed rest day before our final week of riding. Tomorrow: our first double triple, 100-plus miles in 100-plus heat. Okay, just typing that makes me thirsty, so I’m going to the kitchen. As always, thank you for the comments; please keep them coming! 

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  • Hey all, best of luck this last week. Here’s to no crashes, few flats, smooth roads and 100-mph tailwinds (that means it’s pushing you from behind, right? I don’t know nautical terms either). Hope you can enjoy a dip in the ocean after another century ride today, too. At the very least, you should probably shower before hitting the town in New Orleans – I’m sure your fellow riders and the general public would appreciate it (coughRyancough).

    p.s. Hey Gramps, um, I mean, Allen – hope you’re not as sore today old man.

    p.p.s. Aaron, good to finally ‘meet’ you. That’s weird you don’t have a ‘Meet the Rider’ video yet. Hmm, if only you knew someone on the ride who could do that…

  • I second Philip’s comment! Wow, you guys are all working so hard. Hopefully the view of the water continues to refresh you all the way to New Orleans. You’re almost there! Welcome, Colleen and Matthew! Have a great time, and stay safe&hydrated every body!

  • Hey man. I see you are ‘trooping on’ on your journey south. The question I have for you is that when and were do you get time to shave and also trim your hair? I bet you have hair groomers in your convoy vans. Anyway, you are almost there Chris and your team. This week may be a difficult one with the southern heat and humidity, but remember that you are almost there. Keep it up. All the best chief and see you soon. Vuyo

  • Hey Chris! Thank you and all your cohorts for joining us at St. Andrews in Destin, FL. We were blessed by your fellowship! I was thinking and praying about all of you today and will continue as the week progresses. Pedal safe, stay hydrated, keep the wind at your back, and keep the tire count LOW!! ;^) All of you stay in touch: or facebook Carrie


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