Faith in Action – 10-10-10 – Americus Projects

The Americus-Sumter County Fuller Center challenged 10 local churches to help complete the 10 local projects described below. The initial work was part of National Faith in Action Sunday. It was a huge success–read about the 23 ministries that took part here.

While the weekend was a success, some of the projects are still ongoing. Find one you’d like to help with and contact the Americus-Sumter County Fuller Center.  

Ivy Nunn – 218 Mitchell Street, Greater Blessing repair

Ivy and her 13 year-old daughter Tierra have been doing their best to fix up her old house that suffers from lack of insulation, older wiring, and siding that needs attention.

During Faith In Action weekend we: repaired damaged soffit, replaced a rotted back porch and spruced up the house with a new coat of paint. Estimated project cost: $1,000.

The Koinonia Library – Koinonia Farm, Greater Blessing repair

The first of two projects at the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, the Fuller Center for Housing and Jubilee Partners among other ministries.

The Koinonia Library has a lot of history. For years the community partners, interns and home school students have used this building for their studies, spiritual journeys and for dreaming up Kingdom ministries. A blue tarp on a roof is always a bad sign.

During Faith In Action volunteers nearly completed the new roof. Estimated project cost $500.00

Nashua Chantal is a long-time friend of Koinonia, Habitat and The Fuller Center for Housing. Nashua is the original maker of the Fuller Center Greater Blessing boxes. Now he is in need and we want to return the favor for his countless hours of volunteering and supervising construction projects both here in Sumter County but also around the country. Nashua is purchasing one of the original houses in Koinonia’s Forrest Park Village. Designed by Don Mosley, this concrete house was one of the original examples of affordable and sustainable housing. As they say, "it’s got good bones" and will make an excellent home for Nash.

During Faith In Action weekend volunteers pressure washed the outside of the house and helped to rebuild internal walls. Estimated project cost $500.

Thaddeus Harris
Chuck Davis 

The Elizabeth Street Duplex

It’s punch list time and moving day for Chuck! We continue to work on completing a long list of last minute details on this energy efficient and accessible demonstration unit.

The final cleaning for Chuck will include hanging towel bars, curtain rods and even the mailbox!

Thad’s side is a couple of weeks behind so more trim work will be needed. Outside there will be plenty of landscaping work utilizing Permaculture design strategies.

The estimated cost for materials and supplies for the two projects that weekend will be $1,000.

Bill Mote lives at 914 Elizabeth Street next to our duplex.  

His house is in need of some window, door and exterior trim repairs and a new coat of paint.

The estimated cost of the project is $500.

Bishop Eddie Wallace and our friends at Good News Ministries have acquired a house in need of minor repairs.

This house be used by the church as transitional housing and for individuals with special needs. Transitional housing and counseling are often the first steps toward helping families become ready to be homeowners.

The estimated cost of the project is $700.

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