Always room for growth

By Chris Johnson
Director of communications

For three straight days at work, Director of U.S. Field Operations Kirk Lyman-Barner and Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola have kept me busy putting out stories about new covenant partners coming on board with The Fuller Center for Housing.

Following up on the first new U.S covenant partner of the year in New Iberia, La., Kirk came to me Thursday and Friday with the additions of Tupelo, Miss., and then Elk City, Okla. And there appear to be more in the pipeline and plenty expressing interest in helping us fight poverty housing in the United States.

And then Ryan returns from a swing through Central America with a new covenant partner in Nicaragua and plans for a second covenant partner in El Salvador, one of our most popular build sites with the Global Builders.

They’re gonna give me carpal tunnel syndrome writing about all the people they’re bringing on board with our ministry. This whole fighting poverty housing thing and putting faith into action appears to be contagious. If Kirk and Ryan aren’t stopped, they could very well attract enough good-hearted, hard-working folks to actually end the problem of poverty housing.

So, not only could I wind up with a terrible case of carpal tunnel, but I could be out of a job in communications if there’s no poverty housing problem to communicate. I’d be back to covering high school football and county commission meetings.

If all you generous giving folks keep aligning with people like Kirk and Ryan and put a stop to the poverty housing problem, I hope you will at least take up the cause of unemployed communications directors from Christian housing ministries.

Maybe I’ll get Kirk and Ryan drumming up some folks interested in that cause. At the rate they’ve been going lately, that could be just around the corner!

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