Always an Adventure!

By Kelsey Merz
2012 Summer Bicycle Adventurer

Welllllllll ….. after three solid days of biking, I think I can safely say that we’re all getting pretty acquainted with  this “Bike Adventure,” and I mean that in every sense of the words.

We’re all getting quite used to this daily routine of waking up about 5:30 a.m., putting on matching bright orange jerseys, bike shorts, bike socks, bike shoes, biking butt cream…. and, you know, other necessary biking gear. Then we facilitate our daily chores (making breakfast, making lunch, packing the trailer, making our  host site look better than when we got there, etc), we eat breakfast, pack up, talk about our route, participate in a morning devotional.

NEXT we take off on our bikes! Today, this meant 75 miles of rolling hills, up hills, bumpy hills, oh and some flat land and a few downhills too.

During orientation our fearless Fuller Center comrade, Ryan informed us of the true definition of adventure: hardship remembered. We have already all had our fair share of “adventures,” between the intense heat, the long steep hills, the creative snacks at rest stops, the unexpected  locations of rest stops, the artistic photographic moments, the innovative sleeping locations, our newfangled ways of preparing our meals, our resourceful bike maintenance methods, and the list could continue forever . However, probably our grandest adventure thus far has been dealing with flat tires. It’s day three and as a group we’ve had a total of 10 flat tires. Let’s review who those lucky recipients are:

Tony- 1

Maranda- 1

Tom – 1

Sue – 1

Kelsey M – 2

Carmen – 4

While we all knew we were signing up for an adventure, we may have underestimated exactly what “hardships remembered” would be entailed in this adventure. Still, it would be an understatement to say that we are all having a blast on this trip. I am constantly inspired by the positive attitudes, encouraging words, endurance, closeness, and

overall optimism of this group of people. I feel incredibly blessed to not only be a part of this Fuller Center Bike Adventure, but to be enjoying it with so many awe inspiring people.

P.S.  It’s my birthday! Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to spend my birthday week biking through four states in three days. OK, maybe not, but I have loved it and it really is a dream come true!

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  • I"m looking foward to my 1st ride next year and have some questions would love to chat with ya


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