Albany Area Fuller Center for Housing

Albany Area Fuller Center for Housing

4911 Holly Hill Rd.

Albany, Georgia 31721

(229) 343-4393

Stacey Driggers, Board

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Albany Area FCH-web picture-2About Us:

Albany, GA  sits on the banks of the beautiful Flint River and serves as the hub of Southwest GA for shopping, cultural activities and recreation. Best known for pecans, sweet tea, and southern hospitality, the city is also one of the poorest in the country according to recent statistics, and was named the 6th most impoverished city in the nation by Forbes in 2013.

Addressing housing needs is one of the most powerful ways to address our poverty issues. Our local community is dedicated to reducing poverty and the City’s Consolidated Plan includes increasing and improving the supply of affordable housing. Albany Area Fuller Center will assist homeowners with repairs to improve the existing housing stock and improve quality of life for our neighbors. We will seek out and promote collaborative and innovative partnerships in a quest to assure that all people in need in the Albany area have adequate shelter. 



  • Committee members and volunteers
  • Tools and supplies
  • Financial support-Albany Area Fuller Center for Housing is a 501c3 nonprofit. 



Albany Students Spend Week Helping 

College students come south to re-hab home

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