Adopt a mile

More than a thousand people will support our hard-working Bicycle Adventure riders, and we are immensely grateful! Our goal is for 100 percent of those funds to be used for The Fuller Center’s work rather than paying for the ride itself. This page is dedicated to a special group of donors like you who make that possible by giving specifically to cover the costs of this event, which is our single biggest fundraiser each year.

The team needs $5 a mile to make that possible. As you help them cross the country on this summer’s 3,600-mile Adventure, you’ll get your name listed beside the miles you have sponsored. As usual, these donations are tax-deductible. (You’ll also have the option of sponsoring miles in the name of someone you love instead of yourself.)

Note: These sponsorship donations go toward the team effort and cannot be credited toward a particular rider’s fundraising goal. To give for a specific rider, click here.

Each increment of $5 sponsors another mile. For instance, a $25 donation sponsors five miles, while $100 sponsors 20 miles.

Miles and Sponsors (or honorees)

1: Saylor Johnson
2: Ryan Morrill
3: Ryan Snell
4: Griffin Snell
5-8: Doug Winkka
9-10: Burgess Brown
11: Grace Carmichael
12: Emma Carmichael
13: Sara Carmichael
14: Kerry Jones
15: Yvonne McFall
16-19: Alex Motley
20-29: Jackie Goodman
30-39: Mabel Bussard
40-49: Linda Miller
50: Josh Jones
51: Jessica Jones
52: Charlie Jones
53: Neighbor2Neighbor
54-57: Melissa Merrill
58-77: Edgar Stoesz
78-87: Ryan Iafigliola
88-97: Richard McIntyre
98-107: Eric Schweinhart graduation
108-112: David & Cindy Barnes
113-122: Lanier Fuller Center for Housing
123-124: Father Michael J. O’Keefe

1,021-1,025: In honor of C.J. Stevens-Pino

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