A youthful message

By Chris Johnson
Director of Communications

Much of what I did in the newspaper business was page design — front pages, sports pages, news pages, features pages, you name it. And one thing I learned over the years is that you can never go wrong by running pictures of babies, dogs or cute girls. They catch the eye, and then you can use that hook to tell your story.

So, welcome today’s cute girl: Shopahaulik. Well, that’s her nickname on YouTube anyway. Shopahaulik is using her YouTube channel to talk about the Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center and her grandmother … who just happens to be Ginger Ford. I would tell you all about the Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center, but she does a better job. And Christine Dufreche is probably a little cuter than me. Although, I feel pretty.

It’s nice to see kids this age care about the world around them, although I guess it’s in this young lady’s DNA. When I was her age, I was locked in my room trying to learn to breakdance. If you want to know how well that panned out for me, be sure to rent "Electric Boogaloo 14" and look for my cameo. I’m in the credits as "uncoordinated guy no. 2."

We also recently received a stack of notebook paper from a journal kept by 12-year-old Jessica Burkholder of Pennsylvania, who says she was the youngest volunteer working at the 2009 Millard Fuller Legacy Build in Alabama. She wants us to forward it on to the woman on whose house she worked.

If you know of any young folks actively involved in our mission, please let us know and hopefully we can share their stories. You can contact me at cjohnson@fullercenter.org

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