A day (or four) in the van – Aaron and Melissa

350After a fall that left him a bit bruised and unable to effectively squeeze his brakes, Aaron Alaman had to sit a few days out of the bike ride, instead riding along in the support van while he healed. But he plans on riding into D.C. Saturday. Good luck Aaron!

Almost a week after Aaron’s fall, Melissa Merrill took a similar spill. She too is confined to the van and her last stop is D.C. But the two made the most of their new scenery and roles. Some highlights of those roles are documented in two short VIDEOS below.

The crew made it to Leesport, Va. where the First Presbyterian church–which resides in an old Civil War hospital–gave us star treatment including a potluck dinner and a walking tour of the historical downtown. We’re almost sad to leave, but Saturday means a ride into the city and a few days’ rest to celebrate the holiday in the nation’s capital.

Find out more about our route here. If you’re in the D.C. area, consider joining us for our second build day!

And if you can’t come out, you can always help us meet our $250,000 goal by clicking here. 

Melissa and Aaron Adventure #1 – Diverting the Riders

Melissa and Aaron Adventure #2 – Plotting the Route

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