Ryan's Video Blog – A big announcement on July 4

Trip leader Ryan Iafigliola makes a big announcement in front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

SUBMIT THIS FORM to express your interest in (and to stay up-to-date with) the 2011 ride today! Official registration will open in the fall. Want to ride this summer? You can still join the team through August! Check out the route here to find your location and register. 


  • I Loved Ryan’s video and will clear my calendar as soon as the dates are announced. i’m following you guys daily- Love all the videos!

  • Dear Kelli and Ryan: You two are doing an awesome job with the videos! Thanks for your hard work squeezing that into your busy schedules. Keep on keepin’ on.

    Two wheels, one love,


  • Hey Ryan, this is great news! The excitement is building!! Great video too Kelli!

  • Very cool that millions have joined to support Ryan and all the riders. I wonder how Obama will manage to take part in the bike ride. Will he be surrounded by a hundred guys in suits riding bikes too?

  • Washington to Washington, that is exciting indeed! Glad you guys could catch the fireworks that I missed.. and I’m sure Obama WOULD join you guys if he knew half of what he was missing. 🙂


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