Cyclists Earn Money for Fuller Center for Housing


Tuesday, Jun 10, 2008

WEST POINT, Ga. (WTVM TV) – Two local bicyclists are also teaming up with the Fuller Center for Housing, hoping to raise money for low-income families. These men are part of a group that is traveling cross-country this summer. But it’s not for pleasure.

The team leader, Ryan Iafigliola said, "For eight weeks this summer we’re going to be biking from coast to coast, from San Diego to Savannah. It’s 3,300 miles and we’re doing it to support the Fuller Center for Housing."

The group’s goal is to raise $100,000 to build homes for families in need.

Another cyclist, Chris Cosby said, "The monies that I raised are ear-marked locally for the Chattahoochee Valley Chapter of the Fuller Center."

The cyclists aren’t just pedaling across the country. They will be working on homes during the trip.

"Our route goes through six cities that have Fuller Center projects that will be ongoing as we get there. So we’ll be able to stop, put down our bike helmets and pick up a hammer," said Cosby.

Iafigliola added, "Everyone thinks you’re using your legs because you’re pedaling every day, but your arms aren’t off the hook either, because we’ll be picking up hammers and getting our hands dirty. It’ll be a full-body work-out for us."

Ryan is from Americus and Chris is from West Point. They say no matter what city they travel through, they want people to help any way they can.

"We want it to be about the communities we’re coming in to. So we want people to get involved and feel like it’s something they can be a part of and ride with us, even if it’s for one day, because that one day is meaningful and significant to this greater work we have going on," said Iafigliola.

The cyclists will ride from Auburn to West Point on July 30th. The cycling group plans to dip their back wheels in the Pacific Ocean before leaving San Diego on Monday, June 16th, and eight weeks and 3,300 miles later, when reaching Savannah, they will put their front wheels in the Atlantic Ocean to symbolize the journey’s end.

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