Building more homes
— and hope — in 2024

When evil strives to rip the world apart and when unspeakable horrors rain down upon the innocent, it’s easy to feel hopeless.

Yet, there is hope!

Fuller Center volunteers demonstrate God’s love as we put faith into action through what Millard Fuller called the “Theology of the Hammer.” Unity is hard to find these days, but The Fuller Center for Housing brings people together at a time when evil forces are battling to divide us.

The Bible is clear that we are to love our neighbor. The Fuller Center provides a vehicle to do just that in a way that everyone can agree upon — we extend a hand-UP to families in need of affordable, safe housing. We help people in the most Christian of ways by empowering people to help themselves. One of the reasons Fuller Center volunteers work so well together as a movement is because no one is against helping people help themselves.

In more than 20 countries and 90 U.S. communities, people spread the Gospel and restore faith through the Theology of the Hammer. The sun never sets on our work of building homes and building hope.

With your support, we can keep spreading the Gospel — and desperately needed hope — through the Theology of the Hammer. Together, we will are building a better world, one house at a time.

United in Faith, Compassion, and Hope,

David signature

David Snell,
President and Co-Founder, The Fuller Center for Housing

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The Fuller Center
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