10th anniversary Millard Fuller Legacy Build kicks off in Beauregard, Alabama

The 2019 Millard Fuller Legacy Build — a tornado-recovery effort in Beauregard, Alabama — kicked off Sunday night with a packed house at host Providence Baptist Church that saw volunteers treated to a wonderful dinner, partner families recognized, house leaders thanked and supporters honored.

The Fuller Center for Housing would like to express its gratitude to two churches from Americus, Georgia for the night’s dinner — St. John’s Anglican Church, which sponsored the meal, and Central Baptist Church, which sent a team of cooks to grill and prepare the meal on site.

On Monday, September 30, the Legacy Build begins in earnest as volunteers will gather at Providence Baptist for devotions at 7:30 a.m. CDT before fanning out to 11 different job sites to build new Fuller Center homes set for dedications on Friday.

The following are some of the notable quotes from Sunday night’s speakers and a photo gallery from the event. Stay tuned all week to FullerCenter.org and our Facebook page for videos, photos and stories from the build.

“I don’t think we have ever had this many volunteers at a Millard Fuller Legacy Build. This is exciting. There are so many people that I only see one time of the year at these builds, so it’s kind of like a homecoming for me. But now I get to meet a lot more new people that have come this year. Thank you so much — I know it will be a great week, and I’m looking forward to it.” — Linda Fuller, co-founder, The Fuller Center for Housing

“Wow! I’ve been waiting on you guys for months! I am so glad you’re here! I’m so honored to be standing in Beauregard. I’m so glad that God chose me to take on a role. And you know what? I asked for the best people that God could give me to help me, and He gave me all of you. So thank you!” — Kim Roberts, Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project and leader of this year’s Legacy Build

“Understand that we are doing what Jesus said — help those in need. And when we’re out there this week, that is the most important thing, that we are helping these families who are in need. When it gets tough, and it’s hot, and you’re irritated with that guy next to you, just remember that we are here to help someone in need. Jesus told us to do two things — have faith and help those in need. He told us that over and over again. And I want to tell you something: Without faith, we wouldn’t be here because we would have been too afraid to try. Faith makes you fearless, and we’re going to be fearless this week.” — Curt Johnson, Board President, Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project

“This project is being done by the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project, which is based in Lanett, which is Millard Fuller’s birthplace and hometown. The group there has done outstanding work, and this is a continuation of their house count. By the end of the week, with the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project, we will have build 59 houses in this area.” — David Snell, Fuller Center President

“What an honor and privilege it is to have so many of you coming in from all over the country and some of you from out of country to come and help with the miracle of the Fuller Center Legacy Build. It’s just amazing how many miracles continue to be happening in our community. You give of yourself, and you bring with you your life experiences, your skills, your abilities, compassion, intellect, humor, and you ask nothing in return. Yet, you receive friendship, appreciation and satisfaction. You volunteer for many different reasons, but for whatever reason you volunteer, you provide support, skills and abilities to give someone hope, strength and courage to face another day.” — Dr. David Dismukes, member, Providence Baptist Church


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