2018 Millard Fuller Legacy Build planning survey

We have tentatively planned to hold the 2018 Millard Fuller Legacy Build April 15-20 in Americus, Georgia. We also are considering holding the 2018 Fuller Center Annual Conference on April 20-21 in Americus, bringing these two important events together.

The idea is that Friday, April 20, would be a joyous day uniting our Legacy Builders with our conference-goers as we hold house dedications in the early afternoon and then open the conference with an evening of celebration, information and networking with the feel of a family reunion.

Again, all of this is in the early planning stages, so we would like to hear your thoughts. You can help us by completing the very short survey below.

Thank you.


Do you believe the dates and site of the Legacy Build would allow you to attend?
Additional thoughts or concerns about about the timing or location?
Would you also be interested in joining us after Friday house dedications for a reunion-style celebration and information gathering with our conference-goers, many of whom hopefully will also be participating in the build week?
Any thoughts you'd like to add about having the conference begin immediately after the Legacy Build?
Any other thoughts you would like us to keep in mind as we plan the 2018 Legacy Build?