Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure


Meet the Riders: Summer 2013

Aaron Alaman
Landon Beachy
Nicole Bies
Kristi Bowman
Dottie Brown
Doug Costlow
Benjamin Coughenour       
Hailey Dady
James Dire
Sherry Dire
Scottie Duclos
Kert Dave Emperado
Caleb Farrow
Nadine Fussell
Alexander Goldsmith       
Alvin Haney
Lori Harrison
Scott Harrison
Carol Hawkins
Ryan Iafigliola
John Johnson
Daria Kurkjy
Laura Larson
Mark Major
Cindy Martin
Louis McCray
Melissa Merrill
Midas Nouwens
Kristina Oliver
Lindsey Olsen
Peter Perkowski
Susan Pratt
Jamie Riedinger
Brett Safran
Kurt Schneider
Nate Stroempl
Steven Szafranski
Hillary Szydlowski
Tom Tebbe
Brandon Van Keuren
Karen (Toolie) Warkentien
Tom Weber

Melissa Merrill, 26
2013 Trip Leader
Returning 2009, 2010, & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Whole Way Rider
Americus, GA
Fundraising goal: $10,000 – Where Most Needed
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When you spend most of your day on a bike it’s easy to find time to think, which made my first Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure in 2009 a time for plenty of reflection.  However, even during all those miles of thinking between Michigan and the gulf coast of Florida, I didn’t foresee that almost four years later I’d be on my way to Americus, Georgia to follow in the footsteps (or should I say pedal strokes!) of our amazing leader, Allen!

I’ve got some big shoes to fill but I’m extremely grateful to have this new opportunity to serve and I’m certainly up for the challenge!  With a little support from both Allen and Ryan, I’m confident that this will be another incredible and life-changing adventure.  I can’t wait to raise more money and reach more people with the Fuller Center’s message while we see this beautiful country (and even a little bit of Canada!) from our unique, two-wheeled perspective.  I hope you’ll join me!

Ryan Iafigliola, 27

Founder of the Bicycle Adventure

Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL

Americus, Georgia

Fundraising Goal: $10,000 – Where Most Needed

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This is going to be a great year for the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. In its first five years, it has changed hundreds of lives in depths beyond what we can fully understand, let alone communicate on our website. The power of Christ is alive and active as we go about this ministry; it can only make us all wonder: What might God have in store for us in 2013?

As for me, after creating and leading the ride for three years, I began directing the organization’s international field operations. In that role I have had the opportunity to visit some fascinating places where the Fuller Center is making an impact: Congo (pictured), Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Haiti, Peru, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Everywhere I go, I let them know about the incredible efforts of our cyclists, and the reaction around the world is pretty much the same as we get in the U.S.: "You do what??" On five continents people now know about our ride and are super grateful…and incredulous. At the same time, spending time with our partners leaves me impressed and re-energized and constantly wondering how we can do more!

A huge thank you to everyone who is a part of this event – whether riding, donating, or hosting. An enormously special thanks to Melissa Merrill for leaving her engineering job to give a year of her time to come work with me to organize and ultimately lead the event – it’s a stunning move of faith and love for others on her part.

See you all on the road in 2013 as we embark on God’s next journey for us! Oyee!!


Kert Dave Emperado, 31

Whole Way Rider

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed

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Hi, my name is Kert.  I live and work in Philly.  I have been interested in a cross country trip for quite some time, and was looking for more than just a "tourist attractions" type of tour.  Why not on a bicycle?  Like other bikers, it’s one of my childhood dreams to ride across, and what better time than now.  It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why not!?  This will be the best way to see our great country (and people), while also volunteering and giving back!  GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE…(So let’s give some of our) TIME!

I’m looking forward to meeting all the like-minded individuals that will make our 2013 group special, and starting this Atlantic to Pacific kind of ride.
Thank you to all the nurses in the CARP Council from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center for sponsoring my first 70 ($70) miles! 

Please support me as I help others by building homes for the less fortunate!  Sponsor me for 1 mile, 3700 miles, or any distance in between!  Either way, THANK YOU!!!



Kristi Bowman, 28

Whole Way Rider

Tucson, AZ

Fundraising Goal: $4,000 – Where Most Needed

So, English majors can do just about anything, yes? For the 5+ years since graduating from Goshen College (Indiana) I’ve volunteered and then worked for a non-profit in Tucson, AZ doing home repairs for low and fixed-income folks all around Pima County, just north of the border with Mexico. And it’s been great!

Through my work with Community Home Repair Projects of AZ (CHRPA) I’ve learned mostly-valuable life skills in just about everything from toilet repairs to the intricacies of swamp cooler operation to fending off rogue chihuahuas while listening to more stories than I will ever hope to remember from my clients, volunteers and co-workers. I’ve especially developed a fondness for building wheelchair ramps and low-rise steps and watching clients enter their homes with ease for the first time in months.

I have also relished living in the southwest Sonoran Desert and growing my love of hiking, biking, writing, horseback riding, chicken-raising, pet tortoise watching and just about anything else that involves being outside. It has always been a dream of mine to bike across the United States and this seems to be the perfect time for it since I am in the middle of transitioning from my work with CHRPA to… something else! I’m looking forward to the challenge of the ride, the rewards of working and riding together in community with others, and the privilege of helping to build and repair homes along the way.


Lindsey Olsen, 19

Segments 5-9: La Junta, CO to Vancouver, BC

College Station, Texas

Fundraising Goal: $2,500 – Where Most Needed

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My name is Lindsey Olsen, and I decided to join this ride because I love biking and have always wanted to go on a mission/service trip. I love Fuller Center’s mission and look forward to spreading the work about this amazing organization.

I think of this as a once in a lifetime opportunity and couldn’t pass it up. I am excited and nervous for the road ahead, and I can’t wait to share this summer with the other riders.

Karen "Toolie" Warkentien, 48

Returning 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist

Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL

Arlington, VA

Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – Millard Fuller Legacy Build event 2013

They say the third time’s the charm so I’m going to try to make it three years in a row doing at least one segment of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I love biking and I love the Fuller Center even more. The work that the Fuller Center does makes a real, immediate, and live-changing impact on everyone who has ever volunteered or been the recipient of a Fuller Center home.

Eliminating poverty housing is possible, but it’s going to take perseverance, hope, manpower, time, and money. Won’t you consider making a donation to help eradicate substandard housing and bless a deserving family with a simple, decent, affordable home to call its own?

Nate Stroempl, 25

Whole Way Rider

Brooklyn, Ohio

Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed

My name is Nate Stroempl.  I am a first year Religious Studies teacher at Archbishop Hoban High School.  Since I now have the summers off as a teacher, I have the chance to fulfill one of my childhood dreams of biking across the United States.  But I am also excited to be doing this for a great cause!

Landon Beachy, 60

2013 Spring Rider

Whole Way Rider

Kalona, Iowa

Fundraising Goal: $7,400 – Where Most Needed

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I’m an avid cyclist who competes in Mountain Bike and road races. But Cyclocross is my favorite time of year.

In the past I participated in Ultra Endurance events including the 2002 PAC Tour transcontinental. More recently I have ridden 5 years on the annual multi day "Ride for Missions" supporting Rosedale Mennonite Missions. 

The chance to ride and serve others appeals to me. Sure to be an adventure!


Nicole Bies, 21

Whole Way Rider

Evansville, Indiana

Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Sierra Leone

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Hey! My name is Nicole, but most people call me Bies. I’m in my third and last year of undergrad at the University of Indianapolis. Next Fall I will be starting my first of 2 and a half years of Occupational Therapy graduate school-which I am really excited about!

This past summer I went on a two week mission trip to Sierra Leone with friends in a service learning group. I met some amazing, life changing people as we refurbished a girl’s dormitory at the UMC Taiama Secondary School. They taught me so much about faith, hope, and love. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss my friends and the land of Sierra Leone.

So in many ways this ride is for Sierra Leone. But it is also for myself, to prove that I can accomplish a dream I’ve had since I was little. Well, and I am excited to meet new people and share stories along the way!


Tom Weber, 71
Returning 2011 & 2012 whole way, and 2013 Spring rider
(Almost) Whole Way Rider
Broomfield, CO
Fundraising goal: $3750 – Where Most Needed
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In 2011 I was looking for a way to ride across this great country of ours, when I discovered the Fuller Bike Adventure, so I signed on for that. After getting a first hand look at a couple of build stops, and what it means to the families that we help, it was no longer about the bike. I realized God was tapping me on the shoulder, telling me this was going to be my way to give back the many blessings I have enjoyed. I now consider myself a riding ambassador for The Fuller Center for Housing.

Last year I rode over 4,000 miles for Fuller Center: the spring ride, the East Coast ride, and finally the West Coast ride. It was a great year for me. I rode, I talked to church groups, I talked to individuals, I helped at build sites, and I raised money for the Fuller Center. One day on the East Coast ride I celebrated my 70th birthday by riding 70 miles, and I have over 7,000 miles on my bike this year.

I wrote about my biking adventure with FCBA the last two years on my blog, geezerlog.blogspot.com, and will continue writing as I prepare and ride in the 2013 adventure.


Jamie Riedinger, 26
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Akron, OH
Fundraising Goal: $500 – La Florida, Peru
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I’m a nurse in Akron, Ohio. I have always been interested in the work of Habitat and learned about the Fuller Center a few years ago after a friend went on the bike adventure. Since I have worked with the Fuller Center a few times including a trip to La Florida, Peru for 2 weeks. I fell in love with the people there. I’ve heard so many good things about the bike ride from friends that have done it before that I decided to finally join for a week. My goal is to raise money for the people of La Florida where there are still so many in need of adequate housing. All the while having an awesome adventure biking, spreading the mission of the Fuller Center, and meeting new friends.

Kurt Schneider, 51

Returning 2012 West Coast & 2013 Spring rider

Whole Way Rider

Boise, Idaho

Fundraising Goal: $3700 – Where Most needed

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I found out about the Fuller Center last year, and participated in the West Coast portion of the Bicycle Adventure. A life-Changing experience, to be sure.

Louis McCray, 68

Whole Way Rider

Chester, VA

Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed

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68 year old retired mechanical engineer from PA, TN, KY, WV, AZ, IL, CO, SC, Brazil, and Canada living in VA.  I average 3300 miles/year with 2-3 centuries/year.  Rode from Los Angeles to Boston in 2011 in 7 weeks.  I am a Christian, married to a wonderful supportive woman and have a married daughter with 3 grandchildren.  I want to join this ride to help support those less fortunate.  This will also be my opportunity to make an X on the USA with a bicycle.


Brett Safran, 26
Returning 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Whole Way Rider
Americus, GA
Fundraising goal: $5000 – Americus-Sumter Fuller Center for Housing

When I signed up for the 2010 Bicycle Adventure, I thought it was going to be a “once in a lifetime” experience.  I never would have guessed that I’d get to experience it all over again! In 2010, I had a great time biking from Niagara Falls to New Orleans, meeting cool people, and working on homes along the way!
The bike adventure also put me in contact with my local covenant partner in NW Portage County, Ohio– where I have been serving as a project manager.  That is, until I seized the opportunity to move to the “Mecca” of the affordable housing movement–Americus, GA.  I am now coordinating projects for the Americus-Sumter Fuller Center for Housing and I’m excited to be able to commit to the mission of affordable, decent housing on a full-time basis.
The money I’m fundraising on the bike adventure will support our projects here in Americus, as we continue working towards an end to poverty housing.  I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be planning the first build day on the 2013 bike adventure, which will take place in Americus—and I promise it will be a good experience!

Mark Major, 56
Whole Way Rider
Ocoee, FL
Fundraising goal: $3700 – Central Florida Fuller Center for Housing

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to cycle across the United States. The thing about life is that too often we must shelve our dreams as reality takes their place. They gather dust and fade as the years thunder on, until something reawakens them. For me I came to realize have much more to live with a meager budget of time. I found the inspiration to live this dream and started plans to do so last year.
The mere logistics of such an undertaking are daunting. I had my route and the first few weeks planned out and the closer I was to this mountainous task the larger it seemed. It was looking more like maybe next year, at best, when this might be possible.
By chance I found the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure, and suddenly my dream came to life, and better yet would allow me to help others attain theirs. What more could I ask for? Not only will I fulfill my dreams but fulfill a greater purpose toward humanity- providing shelter to those in need.
I hope you will join me in my dream as we do our part to help others.


Tom Tebbe, 64

Returning 2010, 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist and 2013 Spring Rider

Segments 1-2: Savannah, GA to Shreveport, LA

Northbrook, IL

Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed

Riding for the Fuller Center is very meaningful to me.  I enjoy biking and construction work, so these rides provide me the opportunity to do both.  Realizing that  I have been very blessed in my life, I believe it is important to help others in any way that I can.  Giving someone an adequate home to live in is one tangible way to offer help.  Having a home is fundamental and essential to so many other aspects of life.


Peter Perkowski, 28

Returning 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist

Whole way rider

Randolph, NJ

Fundraising Goal: $4,000 – Haiti

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Hi,  This will be my third time as a FCBA cyclist, but it will be my first time riding more then a segment or two.  I praise God to get the chance to undertake a coast to coast ride.  I enjoy cycling and construction, so this trip is the perfect combination for my likes.


Steven Szafranski, 25
Whole way rider
Downers Grove, IL
Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – Where Most Needed
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Hello my name is Steven.  I am very excited and blessed to be able to take part in this adventure.  I am eager to help out as much as I can.  It will be great to meet lots of new people who demonstrate similar beliefs.  I look forward to everything this trip has to offer.


Doug Costlow, 26
Returning 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segments 3-6: Shreveport, LA to Salt Lake City, UT
Akron, OH
Fundraising Goal: $4,000 – The Fuller Center of Northwest Portage County, Ohio
Go to Doug’s fundraising page!

This is my third year being a part of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.  I rode half of the summer trip in 2011 and the spring ride in 2012. I’ve learned that the bike adventure is a life changing experience that is about serving God by serving others with people you’ve never meet before but will be friends with for the rest of your life.  I’ve also learned first hand what the Fuller Center’s mission to end poverty housing is all about.  Serving people who need a hand up by giving them a decent home to live in is what I feel called to do. The greater blessing is worth the effort every time.  I look forward to raising money for those in need, spreading the word about the great work the Fuller Center is doing, riding my bike and working on homes along the way.  Oyee!

Laura Larson, 51
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Traverse City, MI
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed

The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I decided to participate again this year.  I believe in the mission and love to explore new parts of the country by bicycle.  I look forward to the adventure again!



Daria Kurkjy, 52
Segment 9: Spokane, WA to Vancouver, B.C.
Issaquah, WA
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed
I rode my bike across the country (Seattle to Washington, DC) in the summer of 2011 as part of the Big Ride Across America sponsored by the American Lung Association.  I thought that the experience would cure me of the desire to tackle a cross country ride.  It didn’t.

When I heard about this event from one of this year’s riders (Mark Major), I was intrigued by both the mission of the event and the route.  I would like to join the group for the entire ride, but am unable to take off work for the entire summer this year, so I will be participating from Spokane to Vancouver.  There’s always next year…



Hailey Dady, 28
Returning 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist
Americus, GA
Fundraising Goal: $4,000 -Global Builders
Go to Hailey’s fundraising page!

Hailey is one our our Virtual Riders!  She’s pledged to ride 1,000 miles this summer in support of the Fuller Center Global Builders program.

Everyday 1.6 billion people in the world go to sleep in some kind of substandard housing. 100 million of those are completely homeless. Can you imagine raising your family in a structure made of sticks and mud, or in a cardboard box? Well this is what over a billion people are facing daily. Each day these families are exposed to the elements never knowing if their makeshift home will stand another day. The need is great and sometimes seems overwhelming but by coming together little by little big things are happening.

This year I won’t be able to physically join the Fuller Center Bicycle but I will be joining as a virtual rider. In order to spread the word of affordable housing I will be taking part in another great event call Cover Indiana. Through this event and local rides I pledge to cover 1000 miles by bicycle.

I will be riding on behalf of the Fuller Center Global Builders program. Global Builders is a program, which allows individuals or groups like you to be apart of a movement. It is a movement, which brings people and resources together to make a difference. Last year we had 514 individuals join 40 trips to 7 different projects across the world. The Global Builders teams and donors were able to help fund and build over 140 homes for families in need. So far this year we have 45 trips scheduled and many more families in need of a simple, decent, and affordable place to call home.

My goal is to raise $4 per mile for a total of $4,000 which is impossible without your help.  So please consider joining me and donating today.  Together little things can become BIG differences.


Carol Hawkins, 41
Whole Way Rider
Seattle, WA
Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed
Go to Carol’s Fundraising Page!
I have been riding for several years.  I commute over 20 miles a day and take my bike on adventures when not at work.  I ride a huge cruiser all over the hills of Seattle.  Two years ago I was hit by a driver on my bike.  This is the year that I have decided to prove to myself that I can do absolutely anything I desire to do.  Your organization ad appeared on my Facebook right after I had decided I would either sail around the World or Ride across the country.  I took it as a sign that this was the path for me.  I am making great changes in my life right now.  In the next few months I will hopefully be taking off with the Peace Corps for two and a half years.  Your program spoke to me as being in line with how I want to live my life.

Alvin Haney, 48
Segment 7: Salt Lake City, UT to Boise, ID
Antioch, TN
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – North Central Arkansas
Go to Alvin’s Fundraising Page!

I am a school teacher and cyclist. This summer I was looking for a ride that would challenge me physically and had a purpose behind it. The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure will satisfy both of those needs. Housing for all is very near and dear to my heart and to help with a Christian based organization is all I needed to know to persuade me to give this adventure a try.


Hillary Szydlowski, 32
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Depew, NY
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed
Go to Hillary’s Fundraising page!
For 2013 I want to focus more on giving back.


Cindy Martin, 53
Segment 2: Montgomery, AL to Shreveport, LA
Depew, NY
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed
Cindy Martin 53 year old grandmother. I have always wanted to cross the country. So doing 1 segment this year and whole way next year. What a great way to give back while doing what you love.


Susan Pratt, 51
Returning 2009, 2012, 2011 & 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment 5-7: La Junta, CO to Boise, ID
Poway, CA
Fundraising Goal: $1500
Hi, I’m Susan.  This is my fifth ride….and I am looking forward to it once again.  Yes, there is a lot of sweat equity, sore legs (and more), and early morning rises, but the reward is so great.  To know that you are cycling to change the lives of many a people, to spread the word of the Fuler Center and to actually pound nails for families on the way makes this trip an invaluabe and unforgettable experience.  I love to cycle, love to volunteer and love to play tennis.  All in all, I like being active and adventurous.  My latest adventure is going through the training to become a Search and Rescuer.   I am looking forward to meeting all of you.


John Johnson, 58
Segment 7: Salt Lake City, UT to Boise, ID
Nashville, TN
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed
Go to John’s Fundraising page!
Recently a good friend told me about this event and how much we could challenge ourselves and help others in the same process. After some arm twisting and reading more about the Fuller Center, it became an easy decision.  In running 10 marathons over the years which were mostly for charity, I feel this is a great way again to give back to others.  I am really looking forward to riding with the group and starting this adventure. Who knows, this may be a trend; after all I only planned on running one marathon.


Scottie Duclos, 24
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment 9: Spokane, WA to Vancouver, BC
Kennewick, WA
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed

Hi, I am Scottie and there’s a few things you should know about me.  A) Nothing matters more to me than living my life to glorify God and to seek Him and attempt to love Him as much as He poured out His love for me.  My relationship with Christ is what I aim to make first in my life.  B) I love being outdoors, traveling new places, experiencing new things.  God has created an amazing Universe/Planet/Life and I find great joy in experiencing that beauty that reflects Him.  ESPECIALLY ON A BIKE! I also love to do my best to capture that creation through photography so you can bet your bottom dollar I will be taking a lot of pictures along the way! C) I am a triathlete and love to compete in races.  I am doing my first half iron man this summer after the trip.  D) I love the community of Christians that Fuller Center offers all over the country…and beyond.  I made some really good friends on the 2011 trip and I look forward to possibly seeing a few of them again as well as meeting new ones!

I signed up for the trip because I had a blast in 2011 traveling from Seattle to Colorado Springs.  From the vast scenery, to the builds, to the friends, it is an amazing experience! I had planned on doing last years trip but my job prohibited it.  So I am back now, in 2013, doing as much as my job will allow me to take off, which unfortunately is just Spokane to Vancouver.  Hopefully one year I’ll be able to do a whole trip, but for now I am excited for the opportunity to ride again with the FCBA and be able to raise money to give people a hand up in life!


Alexander Goldsmith, 21
Whole Way Rider
Traverse City, MI
Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed
Go to Alexander’s Fundraising Page!


My name is Alex Goldsmith and I am a senior at Michigan State University.  I have been looking forward to a trip of this nature for several years and I now have the opportunity to not only do it, but serve God and help people out along the way.  I am beyond excited to meet and help different people, help support The Fuller Center for Housing, live off of peanut butter, get in great shape and experience the adventure!!!


Benjamin Coughenour, 21
Whole Way Rider
Traverse City, MI
Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed
Go to Benjamin’s Fundraising Page!
Ever since I was in high school, my very good friend Alex Goldsmith and I had talked about riding our bikes across the country.  This summer, after I graduate from the University of Michigan, the two of us will make that dream come true, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.  It’s wonderful that I am not only committing myself to the experience of a lifetime but also committing myself to make a real difference in the lives of others.  This is my first trip with the Fuller Center and will be the first long distance cycling trip I have ever done.


Aaron Alaman, 31
Returning 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment 9: Spokane, WA to Vancouver, BC
Piscataway, NJ
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where most needed
Go to Aaron’s Fundraising page!

No summer is complete without a Fuller Center Bike Adventure. After doing the whole route in 2010 and 2011, I missed the 2012 ride and I felt a void that could not be replaced. The biking, the building, the friends, the communities we touch. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, or three. In planning my epic summer vacation road trip, I noticed that the FCBA and me would cross paths and end at the very place I needed to go to. So I had to sign up for another round of Bike Adventure goodness.


Kristina Oliver, 24
Returning 2009 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Claxton, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1000 – Where Most Needed
Go to Kristina’s Fundraising Page!

Hi, my name is Kristina Oliver.  I had the honor of doing the whole ride in 2009.  It was an incredible experience!  I have wanted to participate in another ride since then.  I would love to do the whole way this summer, but I am unable to do so.  My younger brother Caleb was going to do the whole ride this summer, and he has inspired me to ride again.  I am graduating from nursing school in May, and I am looking forward to doing the first segment of the ride as a little get away before I join reality and start working as an RN.  To me, this trip is not just for fun, but to serve others in need.  I was touched by all the people I encountered during the 2009 ride, and I still remember many of the stories from people we helped along the way.  This ride is such an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to be a part of the ride again even if it is only for the first segment.  I cannot wait to meet everyone!


Caleb Farrow, 15
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Claxton, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1000 – Where Most Needed
Go to Caleb’s Fundraising page!
Hey everyone! I’m fifteen years old and this trip has been a goal of mine for quite some time every since my sister did the summer bike trip of 2009 from Michigan to Florida.  My sister and I will be doing the first week together as this ride comes through our hometown and visits our church. I would really love to do the whole trip this summer and be one of the youngest to complete the whole trip! I am currently playing football and running track. Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, and sports. I am really excited to get a taste of this trip and if I don’t get the opportunity this summer to go the whole way I plan to complete a full ride when I am a bit older! Can’t wait to start this new adventure! See ya there!


Dottie Brown, 49
Segment 8: Boise, ID – Spokane, WA
Caldwell, ID
Fundraising Goal: $1000 – Where Most Needed
Go to Dottie’s Fundraising page!
Is there anyone out there that feels the same as I do?

I am eager to go when and where God calls me whether it is to teach children on the Micronesian Islands, smuggle Bibles into China, or teach adults in the Amazon rain forest of Peru. The love I have for mission work has taken me to these places and more. This same love has prompted me to unite with the Christian based organization, The Fuller Center for Housing. Together, we will raise money for poverty housing. I cannot think of a better way to pair two of my favorite past-times; mission work and cycling.

Please join me in this cycling adventure to put roofs over the heads of those who are most deserving.


Andrea Filzen, 22
Whole Way Rider
Arlington, VA
Fundraising Goal: $3,700 – Where Most Needed

Come May I will have graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Sociology major and Religious studies minor. I hail from the land of suburbia although I’m just 10 minutes shy of being called a “city girl.” I love to travel. I explore small village dirt roads, mountain trails, beach boardwalks, and DC streets with equal interest. I also like to be useful and to help others. Happiness is a cycle of give and take. I think that the Fuller Center’s fundraising initiative –volunteers raising money and awareness by biking cross country– is creative and benefits others as well as the biker. I like long-distance biking, beautiful landscapes, challenging myself, teamwork, working for a noble cause, and being among the company of Christians who keep their minds on God. I look forward to this trip.


Lori Harrison, 42
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Richmond Hill, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1000 – Where Most Needed in the U.S.
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I am a military wife and a mother to two wonderful twin 7 yr olds.  I am a very blessed woman and am looking forward to being a part of this wonderful bicycle ministry adventure.  We thought we were going to Guatemala this year on a mission trip, but that door closed and God opened this door to us.  I like to stay active and have been enjoying doing triathlons.  I love the idea of riding, serving others, and helping others enjoy a nice home as so many of us are blessed with having.


Scott Harrison, 39
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Richmond Hill, GA
Fundraising Goal: $1000 – Where Most Needed in the U.S.
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I have been in the military for 16 years and have been enjoying doing triathlons for the past several years.  I look forward to the opportunity to ride for such an amazing cause combining service, mission work and physical exercise all into one mission trip.  I have been around the world with the military and have seen many communities here and abroad that are living in poverty situations.  I am glad to help give those families better living conditions.  Would you please join me?


Midas Nouwens, 20
Communications Intern (whole way)
Breda, The Netherlands

Hi everyone! My name’s Midas and I’ll be flying all the way from the Netherlands to join this bike tour as one of the communication interns. One of my friends did this trip last year and told me all about how amazing it was, so of course I had to come check it out myself. I’m really excited to spend two months travelling through the United States and have a great time with all the other riders, and all for a great cause. See you soon!


Nadine Fussell, 23
Communications Intern and Van Driver (whole way)
Bainbridge, NY

Hey ya’ll!
I have decided to join this adventure for a second time, my first time being the summer of 2012, the ride from Saco, Maine to Key West, Florida, as one of the media persons and general support staff.  I has such an incredible experience getting to know and help people and hear their stories,  I felt like I needed to do it again.
At the start of the 2012 ride, I left my clothes bag in the car at home, my camera screen broke so I couldn’t see the pictures I took until I uploaded them to my computer, the other media person broke his camera screen as well, I left my pillow and blanket at a stop somewhere halfway through, I broke my sandals, the van battery died (probably from running the A.C. while waiting for bikers to arrive, sorry Ryan!) …
As a group, we endured unrelenting weather conditions, some tough sleeping arrangements, more than enough flat tires, sunburnt and asphalt scraped skin, miles of the wrong direction, bathroom-less pitstops without toilet paper, NO INTERNET in some places…  Life was rough for the weeks it took to travel 2,000 miles.
It’s easier to focus on the things that can hold us back than the things that will move us forward.
An appropriate quote for this adventure would be by a man who taught that suffering occurs when a person tries to control things that cannot be controlled, or from neglecting what is within our power.  “Nothing truly stops you.  Nothing truly holds you back.  For your own will is always within your control.  Sickness may challenge your body. But are you merely your body? Lameness may impede your legs. But you are not merely your legs. Your will is bigger than your legs. Your will needn’t be affected by an incident unless you let it.”
I also had some of the best times of my life so far, unforgettable moments I got to share with some new friends, travel to new places and help people who need it most.  I look forward to meeting everyone this summer, and seeing some old faces!


James Dire, 53
Additional Support Driver, Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Koloa, HI
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed

I am going to drive a support vehicle for the first segment of this ride!



Sherry Dire, 42
Segment 1: Savannah, GA to Montgomery, AL
Koloa, HI
Fundraising Goal: $500 – Where Most Needed

I love to cycle and did a cross country tour last summer.  It was a wonderful experience and I want to tour as much as I can each summer.  This year I am blessed to be able to join the first segment of the Fuller Bike Adventure and I am really looking forward to the blessing of serving with this organization.  I am even more excited that my husband agreed to come along as a driver for a support vehicle.  I look forward to building friendships with the other team members and creating some lifelong memories along the way.

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