Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure


Meet the Riders: Summer 2012

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2012 East Coast Cyclist

Heidi Smith
Ivan Cunningham

Bud Smith
James Brown
Jim Campbell

Karen Warkentien
Kelsey Correa

Kelsey Merz

Maranda Wilkinson
Nadine Fussell
Patrick Smith
Ryan Iafigliola
Scott Smith
Sue Farris
Susie Nordwall
Tony Campbell
Tonya Strahler  
Tom Weber 
Vickie Tyler


2012 West Coast Cyclist

Hoyt Robey
Jason Kellogg

Jennifer Skoda

Jim McCracken

Joshua Tarver
Jonathan Alfaro

Kimberly Korzym

Kurt Schneider
Laura Larson
Lisa Corsi
Lucas Miguel Zavala
Martha Joslyn


Mike Haiderer
Peter Perkowski

Ryan Iafigliola

Sarah Doren

Sarah Robbins
Sean Smith

Sher Ross

Sue Pratt
Tim Leighton
Tom Ross
Tom Tebbe
Tom Weber

Wendy Stevenson



Cyclists Traveling the Full Route

Allen Slabaugh, 24
2012 Trip Leader; returning 2011 & 2010 Fuller Center Cyclist
Americus, GA
East & West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $15,000 – Where Most Needed

I grew up in Dalton, Ohio and attended Bluffton University where I majored in Sports Management and Business Administration. I made my way down to Americus through a program called Mennonite Voluntary Service(MVS). Through MVS I had the opportunity to do things I never dreamed of doing such as lead a cross country bike trip.

Having the chance to lead last year’s trip was challenging but at the same time an amazing, life-changing experience and one that I’ll never forget. Last summer was incredible, being able to travel across this beautiful country alongside an outstanding group of people and getting to serve those in need of housing at the same time, it just doesn’t get much better than that! So when I was asked if I would be interested in staying in Americus another year and lead the 2012 trip I just couldn’t say no and had to do it one more time. God has truly blessed me with a great opportunity to combine two things I love: serving and athletics.

It is exciting to see this ride continue to keep growing the way it has and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. I’m excited to see past riders and to welcome new riders into the FCBA and Fuller Center family!


Alex Motley
Amherst, VA
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed
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Hello, my name is Alex Motley. I am a senior at Liberty Christian Academy and I will be attending Liberty University in the fall. I am a web designer for GoMeasure3D and I am actively involved in my church youth group. I am the leader of the middle school department and play bass guitar in church most Sundays.




Alyssa Hostetler, 22
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Americus, GA
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – FCH of Americus-Sumter County

Though I’m originally from Ohio, I’m currently living in Americus, Georgia, home of the Fuller Center for Housing. Shortly after moving here in the Fall of ’09, I got connected with the Fuller Center and began volunteering with them on evenings and weekends. It quickly became an organization I wanted to be a part of and the more I got to know the staff and learned about the organization, the deeper I was drawn to its mission.

Last year I road 8 of the 9 weeks from Seattle to D.C. and since my return to Americus, have taken the position of Executive Director of the Americus-Sumter Fuller Center. I now am in charge of the Fuller Center work that happens throughout Sumter County and am in constant contact with the very real stories of homeowners who are reaching out for a helping hand. Our helping hand. To be directly connected with these families as I try to address their needs, has made me exponentially more aware of how even a small donation matched with the willing hearts of volunteers will have an impact that last long after the ringing of hammers has subsided.

I’m excited to be a part of another incredible adventure this summer and know that while we we trek down the East coast, each peddle will get the families in my community closer to a safe home.



Andrew Manglos, 22
Anaheim, CA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed
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My name is Andrew Manglos. I am 22 years old and a Junior at Cal Poly Pomona. My life goal when I was younger was to join the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, I was unable to do this due to the fact that I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and needed surgery where two metal rods would be fused to my spine. I did not let this stop me though. I decided that I still wanted to be physically active an prove to myself that this disability would not slow me down.

Roughly two years ago I started to ride bikes and found it very enjoyable. It was a sport that I was half decent at and could do with minimal pain. Around 12-14 months ago I really started to focus on biking and started to ride more and more. As of April 2011 I have ridden just below 2000 miles, taken part in 3 century rides; one being the MS 150. Bicycling has become my passion in life and is for once something that I can say I am honestly proud of. I plan to finish this ride not just for myself but also to help people who are less fortunate. From the very beginning my family and my Lord have been a great motivation and inspiration in my biking. I have conquered many obstacles and will conquer many more in my life with the help of both. I am so excited for this ride and cannot wait to see what God will do on this adventure!


Ashley Rae Moore, 23
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Athens, GA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Haiti

My name’s (Ashley) Rae, I’m 23 years old and this’ll be my third tour with the Fuller Center. Their work is beautiful, the ride is incredible, and the result is irreversible change for the better. Both for myself and the people we’re building for.

…How his love keeps us moving…

(Como tu cara me hace falta, Lisa, mi amor!!!!! No puedo esperar hasta la vista!!)

I can hardly wait!!



Blake Smith!, 20
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Heathsville, VA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hi my name is Blake Smith! But the people who know me call me The Amazing Blake Smith! I did the ride last year from Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C. and it was tremendous! I had a great time hanging out with Ryan Iafigliola! I met a lot of great people and saw a lot of our beautiful country! I love the build days! Recently diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease I feel like every day is a gift and should be used to the best of our abilities! And what better ways to spend the days than to bike to end poverty! I hope to do that again this summer!

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”



Burgess Brown, 20
Macon, GA
West Coast

My name is Burgess Brown and I am a sophomore at Georgia Tech majoring in Science, Technology, and Culture. I was born and raised an hour south of Atlanta in Macon. Living in the big city has given me an appreciation for Macon’s rich history and culture- particularly musically. I have a deep passion for music and I play in a folk/indie/bluegrass/rock band (we can’t really seem to decide on a sound).

I grew up around Habitat for Humanity builds and continued working with the Fuller Center while in high school. In 2009 I traveled with the Fuller Center to El Salvador as part of the Global Builders Program and came back inspired to continue serving. During my senior year of high school I organized a walk-a-thon to raise money for Fuller Center El Salvador and I’m incredibly excited to be working with Fuller Center again this summer.

My tool of choice for the adventure will be a camera rather than a bike. I am going to be interning in a multimedia/ communication position for the west coast trip. I’m looking forward to documenting all the real work that’s going to be done on two wheels while I follow along on four.



Carmen Price, 19
Greeneville, TN
East & West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $5,500 – Where Most Needed

My name is Carmen Price and I am from Greeneville, Tennessee. I most currently work at St. Dorothy’s Rest, in California, a camp for every child to have a summer camp experience and a place to get away. I found this job through AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) a ten month program in which you live with a team of up to 12, 18-24 year olds, and travel in the United States to do a term of service for non-profits. While in AmeriCorps NCCC I worked in Montana for CAP (Community Action Partnership) where I helped build low in-come houses and lived in subsidized housing for two months. I fell in love with the program and saw the need for, and effect of this program.

I graduated from AmeriCorps NCCC in July, and started my job at St. Dorothy’s Rest in August. Once I started my job at St. Dorothy’s Rest, I met this young man who enjoyed biking more than I thought any one person could. He inspired me and others I know to buy bikes and give it a try. Sadly, I don’t know if he realized how many people he touched in his life, for he died October 14th 2011 at the age of 23. It was his birthday oddly enough and he was out biking one of his usual routes as a birthday bike ride. It has been a short amount of time since he has passed and I know I have put at least 200 miles on my bike since his death. I am sure in our community in California thousands of miles have been added to the bikes of his friends, his biking team, and his family in memory of him. He is not the only person inspiring me. My Grandfather, Bill, who is now 74 and will be 75 in April, has started biking three years ago. He bikes at least 25 miles a day. I went for a bike ride with him starting at Paint Creek in Tennessee going to Hot Springs, North Carolina and back. It’s a 25 mile ride and he rocked it out! I was amazed and excited to see a man of his age enjoy a good bike ride. He hasn’t just inspired me to bike, but has inspired his children to bike as well. He has 10 kids with his wife, my Grandmother, Barbara, and out of his 10 kids, who are now parents themselves, he has a wonderful biking club of his own.

From all ages I clearly see how biking builds communities. I’m hoping that with every mile I may struggle through Matt is there with me in spirit and my grandfather is there to help support me over biking stories. I really would love to bike in memory of Matt, and in honor of my Grandfather, Bill.



Chris Bernard, 21
Chanhassen, MN
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Sierra Leone

Hello! My name is Chris Bernard and I am originally from Chanhassen, Minnesota. Currently, I am a junior at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia studying International Business and Project Management. I have been a long distance runner for the past six years, four of which have been spent running on cross country teams. Most recently I have been involved with trail running and have completed several ultra marathons. After graduating high school in 2009, I was given a mountain bike as a graduation present, since my family knew that I would be living in the Blue Ridge Mountains. At the time, I was not into biking so the bike spent its first year under my dorm room bed. After reluctantly agreeing to take a mountain biking class, I quickly saw how biking could be a great addition to running. Although it’s been less than two years since I started biking, I have quickly developed a passion for the sport. In addition to running and biking I enjoy hiking, camping, playing pond hockey, swimming, wild and epic adventures, home improvement and organization projects, and spending time with family and friends.

Earlier this fall, I was praying for ways to use my passion for endurance sports to reach out and bless others. I am so excited to have the privilege to be a part of such an incredible trip that will impact the lives of many people both locally and globally. The Lord has blessed me beyond anything that I could ever ask for or imagine, and I feel that it is my responsibility to step out and serve others. In Philippians 2:1-4 Christ commands us to put aside all selfish desires and to look after and put others before ourselves. I truly believe that there are great rewards that come with helping others by using the gifts and talents that the Lord has entrusted to us.

I am stoked to bike the West Coast this summer and to meet many new people during this adventure. God truly has His hand upon the Fuller Center for Housing and I know that many lives will be touched this summer through their ministry!



Chris Cosby, 50
Returning 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Birmingham, AL
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Chattahoochee FCH
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I’ve been a part of the FCBA since the first year, having ridden across the country three times (so far). As an Americorps Member, I am serving my year with Habitat in Birmingham as a Construction Crew Leader, so this mission is very near and dear to my heart. I never miss a chance to tell our volunteers about Millard and Linda’s story, and I know this ride is continuing that movement!

As captain safety, I will be the one telling riders to stay single file and to the right of the white line! And I will be stopping for chocolate milk shakes!




Daniel Zassick, 26
Louisville, KY
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – Louisville, KY FCH
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Originally from Parma, OH and now living in Louisville, KY, I am a member of the US Army Reserves and a pilot based at Fort Knox, KY in the 8-229th Attack Helicopter Battalion “Flying Tigers.” I have known about the Fuller Center for Housing Bicycle Adventure since its inception, however other obligations have kept me from joining my high school friend Ryan Iafigliola on the quest to spread the word of the need for adequate housing throughout the world, until now. I am very excited for the chance to ride, volunteer, raise awareness, and experience a wonderful part of the county first hand.

I know that I often take for granted the luxuries provided to me and I hope that through this ride and our work that I can do my part to help provide some of the same security and life essentials to those who need it.



Emmalilly Hoxsie, 21
East Lansing, MI
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,500 – Where Most Needed
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My name is Emmalilly Hoxsie. I am 21 years old and studying at Michigan State University. I will graduate in May with a B.S. in Health Sciences. I am excited to start my post-undergrad life with this amazing mission and bike ride experience. I have been riding bikes all my life, but this is by far the most extensive ride I have ever attempted. I have a blessed life and am so lucky to have this opportunity to serve families on East Coast!



Eric McQuesten, 24
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Columbus, OH
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed
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Hello Everyone, My name is Eric McQuesten. I joined last year for a segment ride and was very impressed with the Fuller Center organization. Not only for the work they do but also the people that they attract to volunteer. I met some very wholesome people last year and spending time with them was amazing.

After last years trip I couldn’t wait to sign up for the next. Though I was aiming to complete both coasts this year, my time will only allow for one. So, I picked the West Coast and I am stoked!

Looking forward to putting in hard work and having a great time!



Hannah Bliss, 22
Moscow, ID
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Haiti

Hi! I am a student at the University of Idaho and recently spent a week in Louisiana working on a renovation project with the Fuller Center – what an amazing learning experience. I met some wonderful people and when they told me about the Bike Adventure it sounded like a combination of so many good things I want to do more of: bike, volunteer work, spread the word of social justice action and the word of God. I want to live a life of service, time to start! Related experiences are swimming for the UI for two years, and multiple service trips through my school and church. I’m excited for the challenge of combining sports and service!



James Brown, 26
Greenville, SC
East Coast
Van Driver/Communications/multi-media

My name is James Brown. I am a college student studying Cinema at Binghamton University. I love film, music, exercise, and sports. I have never traveled in this fashion before but I’m really looking forward to the experience. I will be driving but also doing the job of filming and updating social media sites, I’m really looking forward to capturing this adventure and documenting everything that happens along the way.



Jason Kellogg, 29
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hi! my name is Jason Kellogg. I am currently on active duty with The United States Coast Guard. I have been stationed in Clearwater, FL for the past 2 years. I joined the Coast Guard to serve my country and help those in need. I will be cycling down the west coast with the Fuller Center to serve those in need.

Currently, I ride my bicycle as a means of cheap transportation. The opportunity to ride with the Fuller Center adds new meaning to cranking those pedals! I am very excited to be a part of this bicycle adventure; my legs are already turning faster!



Jennifer Skoda, 26
Greeley, CO
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Born in Houston, I now live in Greeley, Colorado and love every minute of it. I have a passion for pretty much anything outdoors, traveling, enjoying people, laughing, and above all, deepening my relationship with my Abba. I want to know more and more of the LOVE with which He created me and each person I interact with upon this Earth. I want to see others, as well as myself, through his eyes and not my own. I want to serve with the heart of my Savior. And I want to continue to discover the passions which He has placed in me and rejoice in running toward Him with reckless abandonment.

I’m always up for a challenge– and a challenge this trip will be, as I am a complete cycling amateur! Undoubtedly, this trip will stretch and grow my character and faith in many respects– which is of course, part of the appeal. Getting outside of my comfort zone and giving God control… yup yup. I’m super-stoked to see the ways in which Abba will move in the fundraising, preparation, and the relationships built around this trip. Look out, west coast!! 🙂



Jim Campbell, 42
Chipley, FL
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed
Go to Jim’s personal page!

I have been a cyclist for some time now. I started out competing in triathlons and even finished an Ironman. Over the last year I moved into road cycle racing. There I enjoy the competition and speed. What most people do not know about me is I used to be a rodeo cowboy. Yes, I like to do different things and seek adventure but most importantly I like to have FUN!

I have always wanted to participate in a bike tour and along with my love for the Lord I love to help others. Encouraged by Donald Miller’s book “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” I hope to write an amazing story for my life that will inspire others to reach out and help the less fortunate. You never know what simple acts of kindness will change a person’s life. I am thankful to have this opportunity to combine both cycling and serving which are two of my greatest passions.



Jonathan Alfaro, 21
Chicago, IL
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $4,500 – Where Most Needed
Go to Jonathan’s personal page!

Hello! My name is Jonathan Alfaro I’m 21 years old. I was born in North Carolina, Raised in Chicago Illinois. Last time I was this excited was back in 2009 when God blessed me with a Cord Blood Transplant after fighting Leukemia (APML) for the majority of my teen years. I was diagnosed in 2005 at the age of 15, and have been cancer free for the last 2 years.

Biking has been one of my biggest therapies, I really enjoy biking and it sets me free, and what better way than to help others while doing it. I’ve been blessed with a second chance, and wish to make the best of it by helping others and finding my way back into civilization after being away for such a long time with treatments.


Kelsey Correa, 20
Easton, MD
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hi, I’m Kelsey Correa and I’m 20 years old. I’m so excited to join such an amazing program! I’m beyond blessed and I want to do whatever I can to help and bless others, because that’s what God’s love is all about. I want to do as much as I can to make a difference in other’s lives and what a great opportunity to do so!



Kurt Schneider, 50
Boise, ID
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

I’ve done volunteer work for other housing organizations, and would like to do more. Not much “official” construction experience, and haven’t won the lottery, yet, but wanted to make a larger impact. I’ve been cycling every day for more than five months, and the end of the west coast ride would take me nearly through the first year. This is also a great way to honor my parents, who were educators, and both passed in the last several months.



Kimberly Korzym, 24
Imperial, MO
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – FCH of Joplin, MO

My name is Kimberly Korzym and I hail from the small town of Imperial, Missouri. I am a recent graduate of University of South Carolina with a degree in History where I focused on Art and Architectural History.  Working to promote affordable housing has been a passion of mine since first volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in high school.  In 2010, I rode my bicycle across America to raise money and awareness for affordable housing, and it was the best experience of my life.  Now, I’ll be biking the West Coast with Fuller Center to do the same.

This is my PASSION, and I cannot wait for summer to get here!



Lisa Corsi, 23
Returning 2009 Cyclist & 2011 Van Driver
Oceanport, NJ
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

I look forward to another summer of trying to show Ryan Iafigliola what good pizza is.

(No veo la hora Rae mi vidita! Ya sabes el juego que jugaremos cuando nos toca sweeping…. KMS…)



Lucas Miguel Zavala, 23
Oak Park, IL
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

My name is Luke Zavala.  I was born and raised in Chicago, and I am a huge Cubs, Bulls, Hawks, and PACKERS FAN (don’t ask…).

I graduated from Concordia University Chicago in December, and I am currently working as a Physical Education teacher at a Chicagoland high school. Over the last four summers, it’s been my privilege to serve God and teenagers through an amazing organization called Young Life. I’ve worked at several of their camps around the country leading mountain bike tours, running obstacle courses, heading up dishwashing crews, and sharing my story of redemption in Christ.

Recently, I was searching for new ways to use my summer vacation to serve others and came across the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. Cycling has been one of my passions for the past several years now, and the opportunity to ride a bike, see the west coast, and serve the Kingdom for a month seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

I can’t wait for the adventure that awaits me this summer!




Maranda Wilkinson, 24
Returning 2012 Fuller Center Cyclist
Belvidere, TN
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

I am a 7th grade geography teacher in Winchester, TN, and I also coach the girl’s basketball and soccer teams. I have recently found interest in biking and I love to help people, so this just seemed like a great fit and fun adventure!



Martha Joslyn, 22
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Tappahannock, VA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

My name is Martha, but FCBA cyclists call me Mac. I was part of the trip last year from Seattle, WA to Washington DC and it was pretty much the best summer of my life. I will be 22 by the time the trip commences and I’ll be graduating from Bridgewater College in May with a B.S. in Psychology. I figure I will be job hunting for quite a while and I can think of nothing better to do with a summer than the FCBA. I love epic adventures, cycling, and the day Friday. I’m super excited to see the West Coast, meet new people, and of course continue to spread awareness of how awesome the Fuller Center is and take a stand against poverty housing.



Mike Haiderer, 25
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Azores Portugal
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: As much money as I can raise – Where ever I can help the most people

Last year I did the ride from Seattle to Washington D.C. It was the best experience of my life. It completely transformed my outlook on life. Going into the ride last year I had no idea what God wanted me to do with my life. Looking back, God had his hand in making it possible for me to do the trip. God used many bad things in life to lead me to and eventually allow me to do the trip. On the ride God revealed what he wanted me to do. I got a job to teach overseas in the Azores at Lajes Air Force base.

Getting the job offer was the easy part, filling out all the paperwork was overwhelming. I had dozens of forms to fill out that were incredible complex and confusing. I said to myself, well God got me the job offer, I know he will help me through all this paperwork if this really is his plan for my life. During the day I rode, during the evening I did paperwork. I eventually got everything done and mailed in, and only by the grace of God. Many things happened that God definitely had his hand in helping to bring about. The trip ended and less than a week later I was flying halfway around the world for my new job.

I’ve been working now for over 3 months. Teaching is going great, and there is no doubt in my mind this is what God has planned for me. I’m helping out with the high school youth group at the base chapel and doing some great things in the classroom. I am so thankful for everything God has done for me. I am really looking forward to everything that God has in planned for me this school year. The ride last year was so much fun and such a great experience. I don’t know exactly how much of it I’ll be able to do this year, but I’m definitely going to be doing as much of it as I can. I look forward to riding with all my 2011 FCBA buddies in 2012.



Nadine Fussell, 23
Binghamton, NY
East Coast

Hi there! My name is Nadine and I will be joining the team this summer as a communications staff member. I’ll be graduating Binghamton University in Spring 2013 as a Cinema Major. I decided to join in because what I really want to do with my life is document life in ways that blow people away.



Sarah Doren, 27
Returning 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Allison Park, PA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $7,000 – Greenville Area Fuller Center
Go to Sarah’s personal page!

It’s just too good to stay away! After riding cross country this past summer and a segment the previous year, I have watched God change my heart and my life.

This year, I will be riding for the first Fuller Center in Pennsylvania! It will be in Greenville, PA about an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh. I am so excited that the funds raised will help families in need so close to my home. I am also thrilled that this ride is becoming a family affair for me too! My Aunt Sher will be riding with me!!! I think it’s pretty special that we get to help other families as a family. (FCBA family included!) I look forward to serving Christ and others as we share in the adventure of the road (and builds) that God has for us.
See you soon!

Please feel free to follow this adventure as it unfolds and read tails of the FCBA 2011 ride at: sarahdcycles.blogspot.com

“Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for humankind!” Psalm 66:5



Sarah Robbins, 22
Harrisonburg, VA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

My name is Sarah Robbins and I am about to graduate from college in May. I’ll be taking a year off to figure out whether or not I want to go to PA school or an accelerated nursing program so I’ll be working on grad school applications and working. I also want to take a year off to do some cool stuff, like this trip! And I really love serving God on missions, it’s most definitely one of my spiritual passions, so this bike trip sounds absolutely amazing!! I love being active and doing/trying new things and seeking out new adventures. I absolutely love people and can’t wait to serve on this trip and fund-raise for this wonderful cause! I am kind of new at the whole long distance bike riding thing but I am an avid runner and will most definitely start biking a WHOLE lot more now! God is great!! 🙂


Sher Ross, 59
Acme, WA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hello all. My name is Sher Smith Ross. In my non-biking life, I am a school librarian, a pastor’s wife, a mom and grandma–a very busy person. I was once a 300-mile a week regular rider but since marrying the “full meal deal,” I’ve probably been on my bike less than 5 times in the last 20 years. I am planning on doing this trip with my niece, Sarah Doren. I began training in December but have a LOT to do to get in condition. I feel called to do this ride as a way of doing God’s work while challenging myself physically. An added bonus is that I will celebrate my 60th birthday on the ride. Blessing, fun, and health all wrapped into one.



Sue Pratt, 49
Poway, CA
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hi, my name is Susan. This is my fourth year of riding with the Fuller Center. By the end of the trip, I will be at over 7000 miles. People wonder why I do it. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the best way to spend my summers. I love cycling and volunteering, with both the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. I have been to Haiti to help with the reconstruction after the earthquake. I have seen so many communities is such a great need. The least I can do is get in the seat and help to make this a better world one house at a time. By putting my sweat equity, my heart, my faith and my will in helping others, I gain more out of these trip than anything I have ever done. In addition, the camaraderie amongst all the riders is something that cannot be matched. You begin as strangers and you leave as life long friends!



Tim Leighton, 47
Hagerstown, MD
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Democratic Republic of Congo
Go to Tim’s Personal Page!

I’m a local United Church of Christ pastor who is on sabbatical this summer. I decided that I wanted to a serious bike adventure as part of my sabbatical. I also wanted my bike adventure to be a charity ride, which is what led me to The Fuller Center’s bike adventure. I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, formerly Zaire, which is why I’m targeting my fundraising for the DRC housing project.

This will be my first long bike trek. I have been training at the gym for months and riding outside when I have the opportunity. I sure hope all the training pays off. Looking forward to the ride along the west coast and meeting all the riders and people along the way.



Tom Ross, 63
Acme, WA
Van Driver – West Coast

Uncle Tom is what my niece Sarah Doren will call me; you may call me that, too. My wife Sher Smith Ross has her own names for me. I am a part-time pastor of a tiny congregation in Concrete WA. The congregation not only approved my participation in the Bicycle Adventure, they encourage it. I also work part-time as an encourager of high school students learning English. I have covered our route by car, motorcycle, U-haul van, and airplane. It is a remarkably beautiful part of our country.
My niece and my wife got me involved in this trip. I have worked on Habitat houses in our county. Years ago I took two groups across the border at San Diego to build homes in Tecate. Serving in Jesus’ name motivates me.




Tom Tebbe, 63
Returning 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Northbrook, IL
West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed

Hi, I have ridden the last two years with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I am committed to the mission of the Fuller Center for Housing and have worked in the area of affordable housing for the past 11 years. I enjoy spending time with other individuals who are committed to the same goal. One of the aspects of the previous rides that has been most enjoyable is the comradery, fun, and cooperation that develops with the team.



Tom Weber, 69
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Broomfield, CO
East & West Coast
Fundraising Goal: $5,000 – Where Most Needed
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Born and raised on the North Side of Chicago, so naturally, I’m a Cubs fan! Lois and I raised our two sons in the Austin, Texas area, and we’ve now moved to Colorado where I am greatly enjoying my life as a retiree. Our older son, his wife, and our two grandchildren (11 and 13) live in the Denver area. Our younger son and his wife are now in the Chicago area.

Some of my interests include volunteering at the Raptor Education Foundation, where I was honored to be the volunteer of the year 2010. I enjoy playing tennis, and I love riding my road bike as often as I can.

Last year I had the fantastic experience of riding with FCBA from Salt Lake City to Washington, DC. Getting away from the nightly (negative) news, and meeting the “real” people of this great country was a tremendous adventure. I experienced love and caring from everyone I met on the ride.

I wrote about my biking adventure with FCBA last year on my blog geezerlog.blogspot.com and will continue writing as I prepare and ride in the 2012 adventure.

I believe in the work of The Fuller Center for Housing. Help me assist The Fuller Center to work toward eliminating poverty housing, one house at a time, by donating to help me ride again this year. And, thanks!




Vickie Tyler, 39
Ocala, FL
East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Sierra Leone
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I am graduating from Florida A&M School of Law in May 2012. I decided to go on a mission trip to celebrate. I was researching possible missions and came upon the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure. I was ecstatic! It combines my budding love of cycling and my desire to help others.

Segment Cyclists

Ryan Iafigliola, 26
Former Trip Leader and Founder of the Bicycle Adventure
Americus, GA
Segment: ?
Fundraising Goal: $10,000 – Where Most Needed

Almost five years ago, I felt led by God and life circumstances to create the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. It’s been one wild ride ever since. By the end of last year’s ride, I’m now proud to say that I’ve ridden 12,700 miles for poverty housing – enough to circle halfway around the world!

It may only be October at the time I write this, but let me make a prediction: this is going to be one awesome Bike Adventure summer. Two rides for the very first time, a returning Trip Leader in Allen Slabaugh, and two very compelling routes – not to mention our first ever Spring Ride. And the need – our purpose – is as vital as ever.

What might God have in store for us all as we embark on yet another journey of faith? He definitely told me every little detail, but I can’t pass them along until the trip’s over, and by then I will forget. So I guess you’ll just have to come on out and ride with us to see for yourself!



Amy Hughes, 47
Grand Junction, CO
Segment: Williamsburg, VA to Charleston, SC (3)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

My goal is to complete either a cycling or running event in every state of the union. I am at the beginning of this journey, having completed events in two states now. I like to look for unusual events to participate in and The Fuller Center Cycling event seems to be just that. I found the volunteering component very interesting, which is why I choose this event.



Brian Roy, 45
Vernon, CT
Segment: Saco, ME to Williamsburg, VA (1-2)
Fundraising Goal: $2,000 – Where Most Needed
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Hi, my name is Brian, I am a Carpenter and Life Coach. After beginning cycling last year as rehab for an Achilles injury, it quickly became apparent that long distance cycling was a passion of mine. The Fuller Bike Adventure is a great opportunity to work with a faith based organization, allowing me to utilize my carpentry skills, while helping others.

The need for decent homes in our communities is why I have decided to participate on this ride. I will be cycling nearly 800 miles from Saco, ME to Williamsburg, VA and repair homes in two locations along the way.



Chris Funk, 23
Sacramento, CA
Segment: San Francisco, CA to San Diego, CA (3-4)
Fundraising Goal: $2,500 – Where Most Needed

My name is Chris Funk. I’m 23 years old. I am studying mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University Idaho. I am joining this trip because I have been looking for more ways to be of service when I stumbled upon this last year. Unfortunately my school schedule did not allow me to participate last year, so I was VERY excited to see that the trip would be a little later this year! While I won’t be able to join the group for the whole trip, I am looking forward to joining forces with this great organization!



Chris Morrison, 29
Berkeley, CA
Segment: North Bend, OR to San Francisco, CA (2)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

Hi, I’m Chris and I moved from Australia to Berkeley about six months ago. I’ve loved exploring the Bay Area, but I think it’s time I went further afield and had a good look around the west coast. And what better way to do it than to contribute to a genuinely worthy cause. I’m a public health researcher, and in my travels I’ve seen how access to adequate housing can have profound effects on people’s physical and mental health. I’m really pleased to support the Fuller Center for Housing, and I hope to see you on the road!



Christian Willis, 19
Littleton, NH
Segment: Williamsburg, VA to Key West, FL
Fundraising Goal: $2,250 – Where Most Needed
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I am a May 2012 graduate of The White Mountain School, a small high school in northern New Hampshire. A motto at the school is “Make a difference… for yourself, for the community, for the world.” For the past couple of years, I have been part of the school’s competitive cycling team. The Fuller Center ride will let me combine my biking experience and my desire to make a difference.

My family’s Fuller Center connection actually goes back to before I was born. In 1990, my dad took part in a Jimmy Carter Work Project that was led by Dave Snell, who now heads The Fuller Center. I have attended house dedications since I could barely see over a church pew, and I know that having a simple, decent place to live can make a positive difference for families.

I look forward to seeing the country close-up from the road, working with fellow riders and volunteers we meet, and helping to build communities along the way. I’ve read some biographies of those who have been on earlier rides, and I am excited about the challenges and blessings the trip will bring.

This summer, I’ll start my freshman year at Palm Beach Atlantic University. The school’s website says, “Life at PBA is about gaining perspective, and finding amazing ways to explore your faith, your potential and your world.” The Fuller Center ride will give me a great jump-start on that, and I’m thankful for a chance to take part.



Dean Stonehocker, 30
Redwood City, CA
Segment: San Francisco, CA to Santa Barbara, CA
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed
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I found about the Fuller Center and these rides last year, and I was so excited to go on last year’s ride, but God had different plans for me. I moved to California and finally found a job (quite a blessing after 3 years of searching!), and now I’m excited to finally have the means to do something like this. I live near San Francisco now, so I’ll be joining in on the segment from SF to Santa Barbara. I love the way the Fuller Center reaches out to people in a way that helps them build self-reliance while also having their immediate needs met. I think things like this fit into what James would call “true religion and undefiled,” and I’m glad to be part of it!



Hailey Dady, 27
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Segment: East Coast
Fundraising Goal: $2,000 – Where Most Needed

I’m oringally from Nebraska but currently traveling around China. When I get back to the States I will be moving from Indiana down to Americus, GA to serve as the Global Builder Coordinator. So really I’m currently homeless and townless but I am very grateful!

Over the last five years I have taken part in many rides across Indiana and across the states raising money and awareness for affordable housing. But last summer I rode from Bloomington, IL to Washington, DC with the FCBA and had an amazing experience. The family I gained and the experience of helping people changed my heart. There is no way I could pass up riding this year even if it is just for a week or a day.



Heidi Smith
Flagler Beach, FL
Segment: Daytona Beach, FL to Key West, FL (5)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

When my sister-in-law called saying there was a bike ride she was interested in joining, I new we were in for another adventure. I am a nurse and have followed my husband around the world, treating patients who have no access to medical care, climbing mountains and volcanoes, trekking the Maasai plains of Northern Tanzania, riding elephants in Thailand and Nepal and enjoying the beauty of the world God has created and striving to improve what man has destroyed. My hobbies include entertaining the grand-kids, tending to my garden of passion fruit and serving Jesus. I am looking forward to following my husband on another adventure, as Rear Admiral on our tandem.



Hoyt Robey, 50
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Bellevue, WA
Segment: Seattle to North Bend, OR (1)
Fundraising Goal: $800 – Where Most Needed

I was planning a self supported bicycle tour from Seattle to Crater Lake, Oregon next summer. When I learned about the Fuller organization bicycle tour I was intrigued. The more I researched the group the more impressed I was. My heart was moved at the thought of directly helping someone with their housing. From the moment I watched the Christmas message video I decided to delay my own tour, I was ALL IN for the Fuller Center for Housing Bicycle Tour!



Ivan Cunningham, 29
Returning 2009, 2010, & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Lawrence, KS
Segment: Saco, ME to Tabernacle, NJ (1)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – FCH of Kansas City, MO

I first found out about the FCBA through Facebook (the social networking site) in 2009. Once I read about the Fuller Center’s mission and relation to Habitat for Humanity, I decided that this would be a great way to spend my summer. I hadn’t done much bike riding before that point, but it sounded like a lot of fun to ride across the country with a bunch of strangers and help people in need. Due to a family tragedy I was only able to ride for the first ten days- but after that I was hooked. I rode the whole way in 2010; only rode one day in 2011, but also threw a fundraiser for the FCBA when it came through Kansas City; and I knew that I had to at least ride part of the way in 2012 (though if my schedule permits, I plan to ride more than just Segment 1).

The lives touched, friendships and other connections made through the Fuller Center Bike Adventure over these past three years continues to affect me to this day, and has played a large role in helping me figure out what I want to do with my life (still an ongoing process). I’ve enjoyed volunteering with various organizations over the years (especially Habitat for Humanity and, now, the Fuller Center for Housing), and participating in the FCBA has really catalyzed and solidified my dedication to helping others.



Bud Smith, 52
Port Orange, FL
Segment: Charleston, SC to Daytona Beach, FL (4)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I was looking online for a ride to participate in this summer when I came across the Fuller Bike Adventure. Although I had heard of Habitat for Humanity, I had never participated with an h4h build site so I had no idea that the Fuller Center for Housing was started by this same couple. After reading through much of the associated data online, I decided that this would be an excellent way to not only experience what sounds like a great ride close to home, but would also provide an opportunity to help raise funds for a God centered organization. I am excited about joining this adventure and look forward to connecting with other members participating in the Charleston to Daytona Segment.



Jim McCracken, 55
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Clarkston, WA
Segment: Seattle, WA to North Bend, OR (1)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – FCH of India

FCBA 2011 was a great experience! I was able to join in on the section through Idaho and Montana, beautiful country. During the building project, I was amazed to see how much a dedicated group of volunteers can accomplish in one day. It was a blessing to be a part of a community of people who are all working to provide decent housing for those in need.

This year I’ll be joining the group through Washington and Oregon and raising funds for the expansion of the Fuller Center in India.



Joshua Tarver, 23
Athens, GA
Segment: San Francisco, CA to Santa Barbara, CA (3)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I am currently a senior at the University of Georgia where I study Human Geography. 9 out of 10 people assume this means I draw maps of the human body, which is a fine subject in its own right, however what we learn as human geographers is really about spaces and the struggles people face across those spaces. When faced with so much information about the problems others face in the world, one cannot help but feel an imperative to go out into that world and help face those struggles.

When the inspired and inspiring Ashley Moore tells me about her experiences with Fuller Center rides, the amazing work and adventure done by amazing people, I see a perfect example of an organization that lives up to that imperative. I look forward to going across new spaces with those who feel the same desire to do socially meaningful work while experiencing the rewarding adventure that comes with it.



Karen Warkentien, 47
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Arlington, VA
Segment: Daytona Beach, FL to Key West, FL (5)
Fundraising Goal: $3,000 – Where Most Needed
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Hi, I’m Toolie and I participated in the Columbus, OH to Washington DC segment of the 2011 FCBA. It was harder than I ever imagined but after a lot of self-doubt followed by soul-searching, I’m determined to try again this year, albeit on a much FLATTER course than before. I’m looking to do the last East Coast segment in FL (which definitely should meet my “flat” criterion) but may do more if I can find the time, strength, and perseverance.

I look forward to seeing previous FCBAers and meeting new riders. Please help me raise money to provide a hand-up to our friends and neighbors in need of simple, decent, affordable housing. We can make a big difference: one house, one family, one community, one nation at a time.



Kelsey Merz, 22
Clarkston, MI
Segment: Saco, ME to Charleston, SC (1-3)
Fundraising Goal: $2,250 – Where Most Needed
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I just graduated college and decided it would be more fun to live on a bike instead of get a grown up job! (for now 😉 ).

I am very excited to participate in such an incredible adventure! I love biking and have a passion for serving. I’m looking forward to spreading God’s love down  the East Coast.



Laura Larson, 50
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Traverse City, MI
Segment: North Bend, OR to Santa Barbara, CA
Fundraising Goal: $1,500 – Where Most Needed

The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure was such a wonderful and fulfilling experience that I decided to participate again this year.  I believe in the mission and love to explore new parts of the country by bicycle.  I look forward to the adventure again!


Patrick Smith, 24
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Heathsville, VA
Segment: Tabernacle, NJ to Williamsburg, VA (2)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

Hey, my name is Patrick, although I also go by Patrick the dreamer. I’m all about stories, stories from books, stories from movies, stories from photographs, paintings and especially stories from people. I believe everyone has a story to tell and that stories make the world go round. I believe in having big dreams and last summer my younger brother, The Amazing Blake Smith, had a dream of riding his bicycle across the United States. So big was this dream that I and my friend Martha Joslyn became swallowed whole by it and invigorated by the opportunity for adventure.

Millard Fuller also had a big dream to end poverty housing world-wide by providing people with the essential need of having a house on terms that they can afford. Yes we three adventurous Virginians did see amazing sites last summer like the cascades, yellow stone national park, like bison, a town that has been proudly resisting change since 1910, the world’s largest ball of twine, the Olympic training center in Colorado, and much more. But the real treasure of the journey as we came to find were the friends we made along the way, the people whose homes we volunteered to help either repair or build, the volunteers at each of the Fuller Centers we passed along the journey, and the personal spiritual growth God wove into our hearts every single day as we put our faith into action only to find again and again just how much better it is to give than to receive.

I look forward to participating in the ride again, I might not be in for the whole way this year, but as I learned last year when you’re on the Fuller Center Bike Adventure every day is an opportunity to meet friends, to spread the word, and to have an adventure!



Peter Perkowski, 26
Returning 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Randolph, NJ
Segment: North Bend, OR to Santa Barbara, CA
Fundraising Goal: $1,500 – Haiti

Hi, I hope you have a passion in life that you feel driven to follow… For the past year mine have been building and cycling and they have consumed a huge part of my life. I love the Fuller Center’s mission of serving God and blessing others through the ministry of building and after riding 2011’s final segment I’m hooked on their bike adventure as well!



Scott Smith, 59
Flagler Beach, FL
Segment: Daytona Beach, FL to Key West, FL (5)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

When my sister, Susie Nordwall, asked me to go on a segment of the Bike Adventure, I jumped at the chance. As I live near Daytona and have lived on my sailboat in the Keys, I didn’t hesitate in volunteering for the last segment of the East Coast Ride. I work emergency medicine in Daytona and have volunteered for several short term medical mission adventures to medically deprived people of the world, including Guatemala, India, Nepal, Haiti and Kenya.

Currently I am involved in building a hospital in rural Kenya. My wife, Heidi, and I enjoy riding our tandem and have crossed Florida and Iowa a number of times. We look forward to joining this adventure to make the world a better place.



Sue Farris, 43
Allenstown, NH
Segment: Saco, ME to Tabernacle, NJ (1)
Fundraising Goal: $1,000 – Where Most Needed
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My name is Sue Farris, and I am deeply committed to social and economic justice, particularly for traditionally underserved people in my community. I am employed by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, a CDFI whose mission is to help low- to moderate-income folks participate more fully in the state’s economy by providing financing for home and small business purchases to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to secure credit from a typical financial institution. The Fuller Center for Housing’s mission is very closely aligned with my personal beliefs and values, so supporting the organization feels right and natural.

While I’ve always enjoyed being on my bicycle, I didn’t start cycling in earnest until about December of 2010, when I began an indoor cycling class. Since then, I’ve joined a cycling group from my church and spend my summers riding with that group on Wednesday evenings. I started following the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure on Facebook in August 2011, thinking I’d like to do a cross-country trip when I earn a sabbatical in a few years. When I saw that the first segment of the 2012 east coast ride makes a stop in my hometown of Willimantic, Connecticut, however, I just KNEW I had to commit to that segment.

Besides cycling and working full-time, I am also studying for my Master of Education degree in Adult Learning and Development. I serve the members of our homeless community by volunteering at our local soup kitchen and cold weather shelter, and am honored to be president of the board of directors of Project Music Works, a small non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the healing power of roots and gospel music to those in need. I am blessed to share my life with Mindy, my partner of 14 years, and our three cats Bigfoot, Katie and Wripley, and to be surrounded by a huge circle of supportive, caring and loving friends and family. I look forward to making many more new friends during this adventure.



Susie Nordwall, 50
Americus, GA
Segment: Daytona Beach, FL to Key West, FL (5)
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed

I am a mother, wife, and RN for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. I have been interested in the bike ride since I heard about it a few years ago. This is part of my 50th birthday celebration. I greatly appreciate the work of the Fuller Center and desire to help support it in this way.



Tony Campbell, 64
Returning 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011 Fuller Center Cyclist
Allenton, MI
Segment: Saco, ME to Tabernacle, NJ (1)
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My wife and I are retirees and RV builders for Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center. Having done many week-long rides in Michigan, I jumped at the chance to ride across the country in 2008. I have ridden up to a week of each ride since. I also help plan the route and find church hosts.

Jesus said “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required” and also “Whatever you do for the least of these…” I believe those of us who are blessed with health and resources are obligated to share with those in need.

The Fuller Center Bike Adventure is an opportunity to give a “hand up” to those in need by spreading the word, raising funds and even doing some hands-on building. Plus we get to bike across the country and meet new friends at the same time time. How could anyone pass this up?



Tonya Strahler, 27
North Canton, OH
Segment: Saco, ME to Tabernacle, NJ
Fundraising Goal: $750 – Where Most Needed
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I’m a Staff Accountant for a local home builder in Ohio. My first experience with The Fuller Center was in March 2011 at the Derby City Build in Louisville, KY. I met some wonderful people and was very impressed with how well organized the event was. I then attended the 2011 Legacy Build in Minden, Louisiana in October 2011. Over this summer I got into biking and learned about the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. I’m looking forward to joining for a whole week by “riding the coast!”



Wendy Stevenson, 37
Bethel, AK
Segment: Seattle, WA to Santa Barbara, CA (1-3)
Fundraising Goal: $2,250 – Where Most Needed
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I am a third grade teacher living in Bethel, Alaska.  I was looking for an adventure and a way to serve God.  This trip was a great way to combine both.


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