2010 Events

Join The Fuller Center in 2010…

Millard Fuller Legacy Build
The second annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build will be centered in Indianapolis, Ind., from Sept. 5-10 where volunteers will help build nine new houses and renovate 20 others. Worldwide, 100 homes will be built or dedicated.

Global Builders Trips
So far, 11 teams are forming, including the inaugural trips to Sri Lanka, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the Philippines.

Bike Adventure
The third annual trip kicks off June 18 for a 50-day 2,500-mile ride from Niagara Falls to New Orleans.

Second Annual Covenant Partner Conference
Shreveport, La., Jan. 15-16

5th Anniversary Celebration
From March 15-27, 2010, The Fuller Center will commemorate its fifth anniversary with a five house build in and around Shreveport, La.  Volunteers are needed!  More details coming soon.

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