Our two newest partner families in Nicaragua are grateful for your support

Jose and Gloria are looking forward to raising their first born in a simple, decent home instead of this shack.

New partner families in Nicaragua grateful for your support

Jose and Gloria

Since they met as a couple, Jose and Gloria have been living separately, each one in their parents’ house. They finally managed to acquire land of their own where they have been living in a metal shack amid suffocating heat with a dirt floor from which dust arises with each gust of wind. They knew this was no way to raised their child and reached out to Fuller Center representatives in Nicaragua for help. They say that it is God who has heard the prayers and have wept with joy, thanking our Holy Father for listening and that the dream of housing in good condition has become a reality.

Mario and Miriam

Miriam is a nurse, while husband Mario is a mechanic. They have two teenage sons in school, and the family has been living for years with Miriam’s mother — along with her Miriam’s aunt, sister and brother-in-law and their two children.  Her mother’s home has only have one bathroom and toilet, and there is little space to even hang clothes to dry. “I have always wanted to have my own house, and leave my children something where they can live,” Miriam says.

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