1,300 miles of planting seeds

From The Daily Post-Athenian, Athens, Tenn.

By Greg Moses

A group of cyclists have found the best way to “plant seeds” is from a bicycle seat.

Riders in the Fuller Center Bike Trip made an overnight stop at North Etowah Baptist Church on Thursday, July 30, after traveling 19 days and more than 700 miles via bicycle from Michigan en route to Florida.

The group of 14 are on a mission to raise funds and awareness for The Fuller Center for Housing, a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing worldwide by building and repairing homes for the impoverished in local communities through partnerships with various organizations. The Fuller Center was founded in 2005 by Millard Fuller, who also founded Habitat for Humanity. While Habitat builds houses from the ground up, the Fuller Center focuses more on renovating current homes, both in urban and rural settings.

“The average person probably wouldn’t know what the Fuller Center is, so our goal is to introduce it to as many people and communities as possible,” said Ryan Iafigliola. “We’re trying to plant the seeds to get it started.”

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