NEW VIDEOS – 100 Legacy Build homes dedicated, 22 in Indy

Legacy Build highlights:

Hundreds of volunteers stepped back Friday afternoon on Indy’s St. Paul Street and looked around, finally taking a break from a week of nonstop working. Twenty-two homes were dedicated simultaneously there and 100 others were dedicated during the week throughout the world.

"This is an absolute miracle. It’s the miracle on St. Paul," Jeff Cardwell, vice president of the Central Indiana Fuller Center, said. "It’s just incredible. The whole Fountain Square neighborhood will be impacted by this for years to come."

Homes were dedicated around the nation throughout the week. Learn more about these 100 projects with our covenant partners. Six of those homes were dedicated Sept. 11 in Atlanta, Ga., the National Day of Service and Remembrance. 

Nine covenant partners around the world joined the week’s events. India dedicated a home. The director of the Fuller Center partner, T.H. Lawrence wrote, "It is like ‘rags to riches’ for the whole family–from an old leaky, muddy shack to a new decent, durable Fuller home!" You can find photos from India’s event here.

The week in Indy ended with a final dinner donated by Outback Steakhouse. During the event FCH president Chuck Vogt announced the international host city for next year’s Legacy Build–Webster Parish, La. Vogt passed the hammer to Charlie Park, who runs the Fuller Center there.

Indianapolis homeowner Sherrice Harris also took the opportunity to address the volunteers.

"I can’t express what this means," she said. "All I can say is thank you. So I’ll keep saying it. Thank you."

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