Ten homes down, ten to go!

Homes are coming along. This was the first time in a few weeks I was able to get out and see all the homes at once. The visit gave me a real charge of positive energy. To see all six homes almost complete is wild. It’s feels like such an achievement to get to this stage. We have just days left before the homes are done.

As usual we face a few hurdles ahead of the program now, but we are venturing into an exciting period which will provide a good boost to all our spirits and hard work. I just completed a very good meeting with the folks at SMI and Heather and Gerson are back from their break. We are looking to the future with all the lessons we’ve learned, prepared to begin hosting volunteer groups!


We are bringing on, starting this week, a local Haitian and Fuller Center homeowner to act as a Field Superintendent and provide a more regular daily presence at the work sites. Yves (Eve) spent many years growing up in the states, has great English skills, and a construction background. To complete his volunteer hours he has fallen right into a management position. He is quick, eager to work, and one of our most vocal and loyal supporters of our program. Plus, he’s full of many local connections, which have helped reduce costs and increase our production. He’s a really pleasant person to be around and is constantly looking out for the interests and safety of myself and others.

The goal for this month is to finish the 10 partially-completed houses. This has been a focus the past few weeks and also just a personal desire and realization I had with my last trip home. We are on schedule for success. SMI is charging ahead with their part on two duplexes: finishing block work, ordering the last of windows and doors, roofing, and stuccoing. SMI has been working on their family selection process and in the next two weeks I hope to meet the partnering families. We will be working this week to interview the six Leogane families and I’ll get something posted on each of them.

It took four months to finish 10 homes and I want 10 more by the end of the year. I think we can do it. We will do it!

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