New '1 Question' videos explain basic principles behind housing ministry

The Fuller Center for Housing has begun producing a new series of videos under the title of “One question with …” that address basic principles behind the affordable housing movement started in the 1970s by Millard and Linda Fuller, as well as new programs and other issues.

The videos involve a single question and answer and generally run just over a minute long. Fuller Center Director of Communications Chris Johnson said the short videos project is the result of interviews he did with co-founder Linda Fuller, President David Snell, Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola and Director of U.S. Covenant Partner Development Stacey Odom-Driggers while producing a new overall video explaining The Fuller Center’s mission to the general public — a video that will be released later this week.

“It’s always tough to boil down interviews and footage into shorter clips while retaining their context,” Johnson said. “People don’t want to sit through long videos, especially online, so it means a lot of good stuff gets left on the proverbial cutting room floor. But the folks I interviewed gave me way too much good stuff. It would be a disservice to not use these clips, so this is a good way to use them to help tell our story.”

Johnson added that there has been good response to the videos and that he will produce more with many other interview subjects and topics, including with local covenant partners, volunteers and others involved with the ministry.

The first three “1 Question” videos can be seen below. Subsequent “1 Question” videos and all Fuller Center videos can be watched on The Fuller Center’s YouTube channel.


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