Volunteer Opportunities & Upcoming Builds

Contact your local covenant partner
to find out about their ongoing projects and volunteer needs or see the list of upcoming projects below to learn where your talents and energy are needed:

You also can have a great team-building experience and/or meet new friends by seeing the world off the beaten path on a Global Builders trip.

If you prefer to stay a little closer to home but still make a difference for families and communities in need, consider a U.S. Builders trip. These are perfect for church groups, student and Greek organizations, as well as any group of people who would like to change lives and build teamwork at the same time.


(If you are a Fuller Center covenant partner desiring volunteers for an event and wish to be listed on this page, please email Director of U.S. Covenant Partner Support, Brenda Barton at brenda@fullercenter.org)

September 27-October 2, 2015
Shreveport, Louisiana (in the Allendale neighborhood)
We'll be marking our 10th anniversary year by going back to the neighborhood where we built our very first houses in 2005 — Allendale. Back then, the area was in such dire straits that city officials and police told us not to get involved with the area. Fifty new homes later, major crime is down 80 percent, and it's a beautiful, thriving neighborhood of choice. We will build four new homes on Clay Street and renovate another house. For complete details and registration information, click here.


When: Nov. 28-Dec. 5, 2015
Where: Las Penitas, Nicaragua
To mark the 10th anniversary of the completion of our first home in Shreveport, we're building 10 homes in the fishing village of Las Penitas, Nicaragua. It's a village of hard-working and wonderfully friendly, generous people who deserve much better living conditions that the flimsy shacks in which most of them live. This has become one of our most thriving international projects, and we're going to add 10 more homes to the total. Click here to register or to learn more.