Fuller Center for Housing of Queensland Australia


President Colin Thandrayan. Click here to email Colin.


The population of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland has soared over the past couple of decades, making it the most populous city in the state and third-most populous city in Australia with more than 2.2 million people.

It also has an abundance of skyscrapers and a thriving economy that is the largest of any city between Sydney and Singapore thanks to a mix of blue-collar manufacturing jobs, a busy port, tourism and investments in biotechnology and research.

But like many cities that are economic juggernauts at first glance, a closer look reveals pockets of people who are struggling. Fortunately, compared to many cities, those pockets are small, but to a family stuck in poverty housing, seeing a city thrive as they struggle is no consolation.

The new Fuller Center for Housing of Queensland formed is now starting here to address those pockets of housing need in Brisbane. It will seek to use creative and innovative approaches, such as a partnership with prison inmates that teaches job skills as it turns used shipping containers into affordable housing.

They are also working to start a new Fuller ReBuild Center that will accept donated household building items and sell them to the commuinty as a way to raise funds for the work as well as to make home repair more affordable to more families.

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