• U.S. Covenant Partners
    Locate the covenant partner closest to you or find out what CPs are doing all over the country.
  • International Covenant Partners
    Find out what our covenant partners in other countries are up to.
  • Faith Builders
    The Faith Builders program provides opportunities and the guidance to serve, allowing churches to put their faith into action.
  • Disaster ReBuilders
    The Disaster ReBuilders leads The Fuller Center’s response to large-scale disasters where many low-income homes have been destroyed.
  • Global Builders
    Serve and travel with a Global Builders team in Peru, El Salvador, Nigeria and more.
  • Student Builders
    High school, college or university groups use their spring break or weekends to do some good, volunteering with covenant partners and taking Global Build
  • RV Builders
    The RV Builders travel across the country volunteering with covenant partners as they go.
  • Special Projects
  • Types of Builds
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