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What will a trip to Nigeria be like?

Typical Day

6 a.m. – Wake-up
7 a.m. – Breakfast/Devotions
8 a.m. – Build begins
12–1 p.m. – Lunch break
2–4 p.m. – Build continues
4–7 p.m. – Snacks/ R & R
7 p.m. – Supper
8–10 p.m. – Relax/Group discussions

Type of Work

While working on Fuller Center Nigeria homes, volunteers will mainly take part in concrete block-laying, mixing of concrete and digging, and occasionally some painting. Tools will be provided.
An interpreter and chaperone will be provided by Fuller Center Nigeria on site.


A hired bus will transport the team everywhere throughout the week.


Volunteers will stay at ‘Camp Luvu,’ located very close to the site. There is running water, bathroom facilities and minimal internet (not guaranteed). Electricity is provided by a generator for part of the day.

Laundry will be available for about $10 per person. Bedding is provided, but don’t forget your own towels and a few personal toiletries.

Rest and Relaxation

Sundays will be a day of rest. Saturdays and another week day will be half days.

On those days, the team will tour the town and its environs. There will be opportunities to visit markets and see cultural shows.

For more info

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Fuller Center Nigeria

The Fuller Center Nigeria is using an innovative incremental housing system through which buyers begin by helping build and then buying a very small house which they pay for on a three to five year mortgage. Once that house is paid for, and if the family is able, they can sell it back to The Fuller Center and use the proceeds towards the purchase of a larger home.
This cycle continues until the family is in a home of adequate size to their needs and, if the family’s financial situation merits, the mortgage on the last home will be written through a conventional source, thus freeing capital for the construction of yet more houses.

Learn more on the FCH Nigeria page.
Or view more pictures of our work in Nigeria.

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