Global Builders - Peru

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City Team Leaders
Cost Status
La Florida Brian Messler June 14-22, 2014   Full
La Florida Allen Slabaugh July 5-12, 2014   Full
La Florida Mercer on a Mission July 19-26, 2014   Full
La Florida Break Free Expeditions Sept. 26-Oct. 4, 2015   Full

What will a trip to Peru be like?

Typical day

6-7 a.m. - Wake-up
7 a.m. - Breakfast/Devotions
8 a.m. - Build begins
12–2 p.m. - Lunch/siesta break
2–5 p.m. - Build continues
5–7 p.m. - R & R
7 p.m. - Supper
8–10 p.m. - Relax/Group discussions

Type of building

The volunteer work for the new homes being constucted involves making and pouring lots of rebar, concrete, digging holes, moving construction materials, piling brick and more.

We do not require Spanish speakers on the teams, but they are helpful. Our project leader speaks fluent English, but if or when he is away, there may be no other English speakers present.


Local public vans will be provided to transport your team to and from the work site. Vans will be hired to drive teams from the airport to the bus station.


Volunteers will stay in the town of San Vicente. The housing includes electricity, running water, and bathroom facilities. Internet access can be found near the lodging as needed, but it is not yet available in the village near the worksite.

Laundry is available. Mosquito nets are not needed.

To Pack

You will want to bring toiletries and towels. Bedding is optional. It is helpful to have long pants or Bermudas for work as well as sturdy shoes.
You may want to bring basic first aid supplies, sun screen, bug repellent for gnats, Frisbees, balls.

Any kind of small hand tools could be helpful to bring, like tape measures with both inches and metric.

Rest & Relaxation

One day of the week will be for rest or tourism.

Local sight-seeing opportunities include horseback riding, white water rafting, ancient sites (Inca ruins), local open-air markets, cultural folk music and dance program and Nazca Lines.

More about Fuller Center Peru

• Watch a video made by a volunteer who went to Peru
• Learn more on Fuller Center Peru's page
• View more pictures of our work in Peru

What happens after the trip?

Even after you return, your trip can have a sustained impact on both you and the community in which you served! Learn how on our Country Champions page.

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