Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

Flood Recovery work in Louisiana-Beginning February 2017

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louisiana-flooding-8-2016As you know, massive flooding occurred in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in August of this year. This flood from 24 hours of torrential rainfall damaged 154,000 homes (some have called it a 1,000 year weather phenomenon).  Not surprisingly between 50% and 80% of the homeowners (depending on the area) did not have flood insurance. Over the past few months most of the gutting and mucking out has been completed and the homes are ready to be rebuilt. Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders is pleased to announce they are answering the call to begin rebuilding these homes.  

As you know this is a massive rebuilding effort and several other Fuller Center covenant partners are also rebuilding these flooded including Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center for Housing. To put this flood in perspective, Superstorm Sandy damaged or destroyed 350,000 homes.

In keeping with our strategy of supporting areas with less publicity and channels of support, we have identified Walker and Denham Springs as our area of focus.  We’ll be working right alongside the S.M.A.L.L. Fuller Center for Housing located in Walker.

At this point, we are limited to 25 volunteers each week. Our volunteer camp is located in the middle of a small horse (check out 10607 Cassle Road, Denham Springs, LA for a satellite view). There are 1,000’s of homeowners within 15 miles of the volunteer camp who need our help!

We’re committed to operating in Denham Springs for a year but, with your support, we believe that our help will be needed for several years. We’re planning on our first volunteers in February.

View a video of the flooded area that Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders will be helping rebuild!


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2016 Events:

October 2016– Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders partnered for a new home build with First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Spring, MS. 
Check out the story of the homeowner for the Ocean Springs Build.

May 2016, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders and 115 volunteers partnered with Warrior Creek Development for a two-week build of six housing units (three duplexes) in Welch, West Virginia. 



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