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Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders-Ocean Springs Build


Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders-Ocean Springs Build-Big Success!


Ocean Springs Build- the house before and the new home!

In August of last year, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders built five homes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as we acknowledged ten years of recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Our focus for that build was on families who had not fully shared in that recovery. In that effort, it became clear to us that there were many more families on the Gulf Coast still in need of a safe and decent home.

We just returned from a combined partnership with the First Presbyterian Church of Ocean Springs on a new home project that began 10 years ago for the recipient. Over 90 volunteers gathered to help with a two week build to complete the new home. 

Read about the family here!


2016 Events:

In May 2016, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders and 115 volunteers partnered with Warrior Creek Development for a two-week build of six housing units (three duplexes) in Welch, West Virginia.