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Back to Biloxi-10th Anniversary of Katrina Blitz Build-August 24-29, 2015- Details Coming Soon!

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Looking for a volunteer project that will fit into your schedule? Help with disaster recovery work right here in the U.S. by joining our Disaster ReBuilders team.

The Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders (FCDR) is a mission partner of The Fuller Center for Housing. It leads The Fuller Center’s response to large-scale disasters where many low-income homes have been destroyed. They operate under the basic philosophy of returning families to their homes by turning unlivable structures back into simple, decent housing.

FCDR is different from the covenant partners who operate in a fixed geographical area. They relocate following disasters and stay until significant recovery work has been accomplished, up to two years. If there is a covenant partner in the disaster area, FCDR will mobilize and work in partnership with its local leadership.

Upcoming Work:
Join Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders in Biloxi for the Tenth Anniversary of Katrina's Gulf Coast landfall for a blitz build and help dedicate the house (or houses) on August 29th.

For additional information on the Tenth Anniversary Blitz Build contact Bartow Tucker at bartowt@aol.com

Current Work:

Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders is currently supporting the Hurricane Sandy rebuilding effort through our Fuller Center for Housing covenant partner in Atlantic City, NJ— Atlantic City Fuller Center for Housing (ACFC). They’re rebuilding in working class neighborhoods in Atlantic City, areas that received up to 3 feet of storm surge from Sandy. To schedule contact Nicole Caldwell-Gross, Volunteer Coordinator (609) 541-2189 (office), (212) 470-8079 (cell) or e-mail: acltrgteams@gmail.com. .Their director is Alvin Taliaferro; you can contact him at ataliaferro@fullercenter.org , (626)437-7718 (cell). ACFC can certainly use your assistance—they have more projects than volunteers. Room and board is arranged for volunteers for $30/day. They'll provide you all the details.

Check out a workshop conducted by Bartow Tucker, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders's director on disaster preparedness for covenant partners. For the workshop material, click HERE!


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Contact: Bartow Tucker
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