Former Habitat affiliate in Houston, Miss., sees ‘a better fit’ with Fuller Center

Former Habitat affiliate in Houston, Miss., sees ‘a better fit’ with Fuller Center

The Fuller Center for Housing’s newest covenant partner in Houston, Mississippi, is featured in a new article by the Chickasaw Journal in which local president Randy Rinehart explains the decision to part with Habitat for Humanity. “Habitat is a great organization, but they have a lot of rules and regulation that can be expensive to a chapter our size,” he tells tells the paper. “We feel like this will be a better fit.” Rinehart is pastor of Parkway Baptist Church, which learned about the grass-roots Fuller Center through its experience hosting the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure during its annual spring rides down the Natchez Trace Parkway.

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University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences report features Bicycle Adventure leaders

University of Alabama College of Arts and Sciences report features Bicycle Adventure leaders

The University of Alabama’s College of Arts and Sciences has published an article about how and why Alabama grads Henry Downes and Connor Ciment decided to put their skills into action to help others by volunteering to lead The Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure — the single biggest fundraiser for The Fuller Center for Housing’s work around the world. You can read the complete article at the link below.

Alumnus bike for better housing

Updated case statement now available for viewing, downloading or printing

Updated case statement now available for viewing, downloading or printing

The Fuller Center for Housing’s latest case statement has been updated with a new look for easier printing so that you can either learn about the basic, grass-roots principles that make this ministry so effective or so you can share those insights with others who may not be so familiar with our work across the United States and around the world. It includes the latest numbers on volunteer hours and how financial gifts are being put to use in the field. Throughout the 8-page document, you’ll also find profiles of several Fuller Center communities.

Fuller Center case statement

VIDEO: The Fuller Center’s monthly update for February 2017

Join Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell, Bicycle Adventure leader Connor Ciment, Director of International Field Operations Ryan Iafigliola, U.S. Builders leader Sharon Tarver and Director of Communications Chris Johnson for a monthly update of news and opportunities in this affordable housing ministry.

VIDEO: One of the best looks at flood damage in Livingston Parish, Louisiana

The Fuller Center was recently alerted to a YouTube video that has been seen nearly 20,000 times and provides some of the best footage from the flooding in Livingston Parish, which is where the Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders have established a base to help families recover from the disaster that struck last summer.

The Disaster ReBuilders are currently in Denham Springs, La., and are welcoming volunteers who want to help. Click here to learn more about volunteering with the Disaster ReBuilders.

Livingston Parish borders Tangipahoa Parish, another hard-hit community where the Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center for Housing is based. Ginger Ford is hosting a 4-day flood recovery build in April and also hosts Fuller Center U.S. Builders teams working in flood recovery.

The video above features many scenes from the flooding and features interviews with many affected residents, including actor/director John Schneider (“Dukes of Hazzard,” “Smallville”), who lives in Livingston Parish and has a production studio there. As he states in the video:

“That’s how God works. God sends people — people who care.” — John Schneider, actor/producer/director and Livingston Parish resident

Also in the video, you can see people wearing “This is church” T-shirts. These come from one of our church partners on the ground — Christ Community Church of Denham Springs.

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Disaster Rebuilders set up shop in Louisiana, encourage volunteers to join them

Disaster Rebuilders set up shop in Louisiana, encourage volunteers to join them

The Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders are a fiercely dedicated group. That dedication is leading them to their newest location in 2017: Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Located just east of Baton Rouge, Denham Springs is a small, rural community that was heavily impacted by the disastrous flooding of last August. Bart Tucker, head of Disaster ReBuilders, has observed the damage firsthand, noting that “homes often look fine from the exterior, but the inside would have been flooded with 2-4 feet of water. Drywall, flooring, cabinets, it’s all ruined. It was a hurricane-sized disaster, no question about that.”

“The number of folks that will meet our qualifications is the highest that we’ve seen since Hurricane Katrina, and in contrast the publicity this storm has received has been the lowest that we’ve ever experienced,” says Tucker. The group selected Denham Springs largely due to the fact that it hadn’t received much assistance in the aftermath of the storm.

“It was a hurricane-sized disaster, no question about that.” — Bart Tucker, Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders

Volunteers are set to arrive in Denham Springs on Feb. 19, and a local horse farm will host them. The farm’s bunkhouse can host 25 volunteers, has a fully equipped kitchen, a fellowship hall, and is surrounded by horses and beautiful scenery. Along with the horse farm opening its doors, Christ Community Church and South Walker Baptist Church are hosting volunteers, as well as cooking meals and supporting the teams during their time in Livingston Parish.

The relief effort will be taking place with the help of S.M.A.L.L Fuller Center, located in Walker, La., as well as Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center in Hammond. The Disaster ReBuilders have a track record of success working with Ginger Ford Northshore in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Gustav (2008), Hurricane Katrina (2011) and Hurricane Isaac (2012).

If you are interested in serving with the Disaster ReBuilders in Denham Springs, more information and registration is available here.

New Fuller Center home in Minden, Louisiana, honors passionate supporter

New Fuller Center home in Minden, Louisiana, honors passionate supporter

Duane Cloud

When Michael and Tammie Williams walk in the front door of their new home in the Legacy Acres subdivision of Minden, La., they will never forget the good-hearted people who supported their dream — including Duane Cloud, in whose memory this home was dedicated.

Cloud, who was a longtime supporter and volunteer with The Fuller Center for Housing, died last year. The Williams home sits directly across from another home built in honor of a longtime Fuller Center supporter — that home having been dedicated in the memory of his wife of 58 years, Marty Cloud.

Complete story in the
Minden Press-Herald

FLASHBACK VIDEO: The first homes of Minden’s Legacy Acres arose during the 2011 Millard Fuller Legacy Build:

VIDEO: Storm recovery in Albany, Georgia — how you can help

UPDATE (Jan. 24, 2017): As Albany was still recovering from this early-January storm, a far more devastating tornado struck the east side of the city, killing at least four people and causing extensive damage. If you would like to support the Albany Area Fuller Center, you can do so at this link:


On January 2, 2017, Albany, Georgia, was struck by massive storms and strong winds that toppled trees and damaged homes throughout the city. The storm did not discriminate, striking poor and wealthy neighborhoods alike.

The Albany Area Fuller Center for Housing has been working with teams from the city, churches, volunteers and others — including staffers from The Fuller Center for Housing’s international headquarters, which sits about a 45-minute drive north of Albany — to assist in debris removal and other cleanup projects.

More than two weeks after the storm, some households are still without power, but the problems for those lacking in insurance or other resources will persist for weeks and months. The Albany Area Fuller Center will be partnering with residents in need of a hand-up as they make repairs. Stacey Odom-Driggers, The Fuller Center’s Director of U.S. Covenant Partner Development and a board member of the Albany partner, said that they will be looking to host more U.S. Builders teams to volunteer in the recovery and are encouraging those wishing to donate to the recovery to do so at their webpage here: