Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure featured in latest issue of Spokes magazine

Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure featured in latest issue of Spokes magazine

Not only is the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure featured on the cover of the latest Spokes magazine, but the ride is featured extensively in the issue from pages 6 through 10. We could tell you all about it, or you can simply read it below. The Bicycle Adventure’s cross-country summer ride begins June 10 in Seattle and wraps up August 14 in Washington, D.C.


Bicycle Adventure’s spring ride down Natchez Trace begins this weekend in Nashville

Bicycle Adventure’s spring ride down Natchez Trace begins this weekend in Nashville

About 35 cyclists are arriving in Nashville, Tenn., today for the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure‘s annual spring ride down the bike-friendly Natchez Trace Parkway. The 400-mile ride begins Sunday after church services at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, which is hosting the riders during their two-night stay in Nashville. It will conclude Saturday at historic Tougaloo College in Jackson, Miss.

On Saturday will be the first of two build days on this year’s ride as it works with the Fuller Center for Housing of Middle Tennessee, making repairs and improvements at 15 properties through a partnership with St. Luke’s Community House. After the morning work, the riders will have lunch and then an orientation and practice ride around Nashville.

The mission of the Bicycle Adventure is to raise awareness of and funds for The Fuller Center’s work in more than 70 U.S. communities and 20 countries. Since its founding in 2008, the rides have raised more than $1.3 million for The Fuller Center’s work.

The Bicycle Adventure also has a cross-country summer ride and a two-day fall ride. This summer’s cross-country map will take riders from Seattle, Wash., to Washington, D.C. The two-day fall ride will take place on The Silver Comet Trail in Georgia and Alabama.

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We Have Moved!

Our blog has moved along with our new website! Find us here to continue following our journey: http://www.fullercenterbikeadventure.org/blog/

2014 Was One in a Million

As the year comes to an end many of us find ourselves looking back and reflecting on where we’ve been, where we’ve come, and everything that has happened since our last yearly reflection. Well, the Fuller Center Bike Adventure is no different. We also like to take a moment to stop and look back on the year and everything that has occurred. And what a year 2014 has been! Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this year of adventure:
-We had our third annual Spring ride. 33 cyclists came out to ride 380 miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway, and built stairs for 11 houses as part of a project to get families into unused Hurricane Katrina cottages! 
-Our 7th annual Summer ride took us on a Northern route from Atlantic City, New Jersey to Astoria, Oregon. A total of 105 riders joined us for some portion of this journey with 18 riders going the whole way.
-Along the summer route we reached our ONE MILLION DOLLAR goal! The news was a cause for a celebration for everyone who has ever ridden with FCBA, reminding us that every little donation and every mile pushed through got us here.
-After the beloved and fearless Melissa Merrill completed leading her 4th ride over two years with the Bike Adventure by hitting the coast in Oregon, she passed the baton to newcomer Lydia Huelskamp, a recent Biola University graduate who had just completed her first cross country FCBA ride.
-The first ever FCBA fall ride was announced during the summer. It was a great success with 50 riders coming out to experience this beautiful trail, a night of camping, and hanging with old and new friends.
As we look back on the past year we continue to get more excited for the next year. With over 45 riders already signed up we are looking forward to the adventures, the friendships, and the miles to come. So as we say goodbye to 2014 we also want to say thank you.
Thank you to those who have donated. You have helped us give housing to another family. Thank you to those who hosted and fed us. The rest and energy you gave us helped keep us going all those miles. Thank you to everyone who supported and prayed for us. Your encouraging words and messages helped remind us why we were riding. And thank you to our riders. You embodied the mission of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure and kept our rides interesting. We couldn’t have done it without all of you!
Thanks for making 2014 great everyone. And of course, I can’t finish a blog without a plug for next year! Join now and help make 2015 our best year yet!   

The Silver Comet Ride

The Silver Comet Ride
By: Lydia Huelskamp

When you try something new you never know what to expect. Things could go completely wrong, you could find out you’re allergic to shellfish, or your clay pot looks more like a clay blob, or your haircut makes you look like your little brother cut your hair with his play scissors. Trying new things can be very scary.

However, without trying new things you also never grow, you would never find your new favorite food, discover you have a knack for painting, or start a new fashion trend. Trying new things can be very good. “Where is she going with this?” you may be asking. Well, this past weekend FCBA took a step into the unknown and discovered just how good trying new things can be. Here are a few examples of how our new Silver Comet ride really was a great, new experience:

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The Bike Adventure Stickers!

The Bike Adventure Stickers!

If you’ve watched our Facebook photos very closely, you may have noticed some interesting stickers on some of the riders’ bikes. Here’s what those are all about… and how you can get your very own!

After years of giving riders trophies or medals for finishing a ride, we’ve decided to do something a little different. The idea is that unlike medals or trophies that collect dust on a shelf, these are something that we can put on our bike or helmet, and will be with us every time we ride. They’ll be more visible to others, giving us opportunities to share about the Fuller Center and our adventures and they’re a way to memorialize our years with the Bike Adventure — kind of like feathers in a cap or college football stickers on a football helmet. Also, they’re quality outdoor stickers like bumper stickers, so they should survive for years through rain, hail, and even massive headwinds (as some 2014 riders may be able to confirm!).

How it works:

1. They’re earned: they will only be given to riders and support volunteers. We have other ways to thank church hosts and others.
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It Is The Journey That Matters

It Is The Journey That Matters

by Lydia Huelskamp

Along this ride I was handed a quote. This quote said, “It is good to have an end to journey towards; but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

Today as we came over the last hill and saw the Pacific Ocean I realized how true this quote is. Feeling the sand and seeing the mass of blue stretching for miles would have meant nothing if it hadn’t been for the miles ridden to get there, the strangers turned family around me, and the experiences had, and the memories made along the way. We have pushed ourselves through headwinds and pulled each other in pace lines. We have ridden through rain, construction, and days that couldn’t have been better. We have done archery, water skied, and floated down rivers. We have painted, built, and done yard work for others. We have teased each other, laughed with each other, and encouraged each other. We have turned these nine weeks from simply getting to an end into a journey worth remembering. Read More »

The Last Long Day

The Last Long Day

by Michael Lamorgese

Today was the last long day of this 9 week adventure. It is truly amazing to reflect on everything I have experienced on this trip. The first day I was so nervous and felt as though I could die because I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Nine weeks later, with one day left, there is not one word that can describe what we experienced throughout this cross country bycicle adventure.

Some days while on the bycicle we have strong head winds, sometimes climbing mountains, but with all of this comes the beauty of nature, hearing and feeling wind, but not being able to physically see it.
But at the end of the day we all reflect on the crazy adventure, whether it be the rocks all over the roads, bugs hitting our faces, or even just seeing Tom doing his dance at the rest stops. Read More »