By David Snell,


As I write this we have just celebrated the greatest of Christian holidays, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What an opportunity this provides for us to consider where we are in life, what we’ve given to get here, and how we can resurrect the innocence of childhood into our frenetic adult lives.  In those last hours of Jesus’ life when He was visiting with His closest friends, He gave us a way to do that.  His counsel was simple — love one another. 

We just spent a week in Louisville with a fine group of partners and friends doing just that.  We were rehabilitating six houses that will soon become homes to families with no other way of having a decent place to live.  These are families who just need a leg up, the loan of some interest-free capital, and a group of friends to help get the work done.  There are families like this around the world who, for whatever reason, don’t have the resources to have a decent place of their own.  It is the mission of The Fuller Center for Housing to reach out to as many of those families as we can with an offer of hope.

What made the Millard Fuller Legacy Build such a great success was not simply that a good deal of work was getting done, but the dedication and goodwill of the volunteers who gave of their time and resources to spend a week of hard work, reaching out in love to people in need.  It isn’t enough to tell people that we love them — we need to show them that love.  That’s the Gospel in action.
These events are like family reunions with old-timers reuniting and newcomers making new friends.  There’s even a funny uncle or two to add some spice.  Events like these remind me of the tremendous power of this great ministry.

By Aaron Carmichael,
Chief Development Officer

I believe spring has finally sprung here in Indiana.  This past week I have been able to take my workout, at least part of it, outside.  We’ve had some amazingly gorgeous weather and I just couldn’t wait to get outside and enjoy it with a few evening jogs. 

But getting off the dreadmill, I mean treadmill, and hitting the pavement isn’t without its perils.  There are a few things you don’t have to worry about at the gym ... like traffic.  Do you remember the old Atari video game Frogger?  Imagine the little frog jumping through traffic with running shoes on ... that’s me.  And of course there are unfenced dogs in my community lining every block waiting for an expectant jogger to come by.  My first outside jog was a good 4 minutes faster than my treadmill time.  It’s funny how fast you can be when you’re running for your life.

By Aaron Carmichael,
Chief Development Officer

I’ve heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.   Have you ever found yourself in this cycle?  We are creatures of habit and creatures who seek comfort.  Both lend themselves to a path of routine. 

My exercise routine had become just that, a routine.  Lately, I haven’t been getting the results I had hoped for.  I’ve been working really hard but the weight isn’t coming off.  After talking to a few experts in exercise, I decided it was time to change up the routine.  I’ve had good results but it was time to move on to something a little different, something a little outside my comfort zone….something exhausting.  I can’t expect the same results I received early on by doing the same thing over and over.

INTERVALS ... it’s a dirty word to me.  But it is working.  After dropping 4 pounds in three days, I think I’ve escaped exercise insanity, at least until my body adjusts and I’ll have to shock it with a new routine.  But I’ll be watching out for that.

By Aaron Carmichael,
Chief Development Officer

When injury and illness call, you better answer.  I was blessed to have them both conference call me at the same time.  Injury called in first shortly behind illness.  My back had been sore and tired for a couple weeks but I kept pushing, taking no rest days except Sunday.

By: Joe Ergle

We managed to have our morning routine nailed down just in time for the last day of riding. The route was from Parkway Baptist Church in Kosciusko (not to be confused with our previous host, Parkway Baptist Church in Houston) to Tougaloo College in Jackson. This is would be our last day of cycling. Morale was high, the weather looked promising, and the spirits of the Old Natchez Trace beckoned us.
The rollout was our warmest yet, though still a little chilly. Most of the cold weather gear was ditched by the first rest stop.