Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure


Riding bikes, building homes, and changing lives. Come join us!

Why? Because some things in life are just worth doing...

  • Getting fresh air.
  • Seeing a shooting star in the endless western sky.
  • Experiencing authentic small-town hospitality.
  • Falling asleep in a church...without feeling guilty!
  • Changing the life of a child by helping her have a place to call home.
  • Laughing 'til it hurts.
  • Living in a supportive community
  • Knowing you're obeying God's calling...or at least trying your hardest to figure out what that means.
  • Viewing the countryside from the seat of a bicycle.

Go do the things worth doing!

In the last six years, the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure has helped hundreds of people have some of the most meaningful experiences of their lives.  They come to ride bikes and change lives by building houses along the way, but they leave finding themselves the ones truly changed and with friendships built for life.

Throughout the ride, we go cycling about 75 miles per day and have designated build days in which we stop to build or repair homes. We support each other as we ride, and we also have a van supporting us! We spend each night eating, sleeping and sharing the vision in churches -- often to some of the most enthusiastic and warm welcomes you can imagine.

The event is an invitation, not a race -- an invitation for every individual, church or business to break from the routine of daily life and follow Jesus's call to love and serve our neighbor, especially "the least of these." Thirty years from now, will you wish you spent more time in an office or more time out exploring beautiful countryside, getting your hands dirty and changing the world? 

We give you many options to join in.

Spring Ride: Nashville, TN to Jackson, MS on the Natchez Trace Parkway (Mar 14 - 23)

Summer Ride Whole Way: Atlantic City, NJ to Astoria, OR (June 5-August 10)
Segment 1
: Atlantic City, NJ to Pittsburgh, PA (June 5-15) 
Segment 2
: Pittsburgh, PA to Toledo, OH (June 15-22) 
Segment 3
: Toledo, OH to Chicago, IL (June 22-29)
Segment 4: Chicago, IL to Souix Falls, SD (June 28-July 6)
Segment 5: Souix Falls, SD to Rapid City, SD (July 6-13)
Segment 6: Rapid City, SD to Billings, MT (July 13-20)
Segment 7: Billings, MT to Missoula, MT (July 20-27)
Segment 8: Missoula, MT to Lewiston, ID (July 27-Aug 3)
Segment 9: Lewiston, ID to Astoria, OR (Aug 2 -10)

Join for a day, form a team, or become a virtual rider!

If cycling isn't your thing, take a look at other ways to participate.  Or, of course, be a part of the mission by donating toward the $175,000 goal we've set for 2014, which will bring the total raised by the ride to one million dollars!

Whatever you choose, come do something worth doing!