Building a Better World, One House at a Time

The Fuller Center for Housing is an international, Christian nonprofit that builds and renovates houses in partnership with families in need. Homeowners work hand-in-hand with volunteers to build or renovate their homes, which they then pay for on terms they can afford, with no interest charged or profit made. This is charity with dignity and a building program that creates decent homes, restores neighborhoods and revitalizes communities.

Latest News

March 23, 2015
(Hardware Retailing magazine) The Fuller Center for Housing Hero Project Lake County, Illinois, has honored the North American Retail Hardware Association with a Hero Award because of the association’s financial support of area projects and
March 20, 2015
(Spokesman-Review) The Spokane, Washington, newspaper has a detailed look at how one of our newest covenant partnersis embracing the "tiny house movement" to help homeless who are ready to change their lives. Inland Northwest Fuller Center
March 16, 2015
(Hardware Retailing Magazine) A family of five in California now has a safer home due to a project partially funded by the North American Retail Hardware Association. NRHA provided The Fuller Center for Housing of Los Angeles with a $1,000
March 15, 2015
(Florida Times-Union) When Jacksonville, Florida, native Jonathan Falk looks back on his days at Bishop Kenny High School and his younger adult years, he sees “a fat kid who became a fat adult.” Then he got serious about healthy eating and
March 02, 2015
(ICRC) The International Committee of the Red Cross offers an update on a program in partnership with The Fuller Center for Housing of Armenia that is helping families with missing loved ones get help rebuilding and repairing homes. "Our house was a
February 24, 2015
  The Fuller Center for Housing of Bamenda, Cameroon, officially formed just two months ago and already has completed its first project — replacing the roof and stabilizing the walls of a house in the Baingo community. Many of the residents